Simple Love

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[Audio] Wacky Cashew – Simple Love Diary Entry

Diary Entry

January 18, 2001

Today was my birthday and it’s been the greatest day ever!  I spent the whole day with my girl, Chloe, and it was just so memorable. ^^  I can’t believe how fast time flies.  We’ve already been together for two years now.  Thinking back to the beginning, I couldn’t really say why.  But when I first met you, you immediately caught my attention.  I’m usually a pretty shy guy, so I couldn’t believe it when I mustered up the courage to ask you out.  I hardly ever take the initiative to do anything.  But with you, it was different somehow.  I guess I just kinda slowly emerged from my shell the more time I spent with you to get to know you better.  You were shaping who I am.

To me, I believe that if you’ve fallen in love with someone, anything is worth doing.  After going out for the first time, you wouldn’t believe how excited I was and how fast my heart was beating.  I wanted to shout and scream and jump up and down. =D  I wanted to tell the whole world that I can never bear to be apart from you.  All those nights that I went home skipping along, I’d bet even my neighbours could guess how I felt.  Haha…

As I scribble in my diary now, images of you fill my mind.  I let my mind wander back to your birthday just a few months ago.  I had taken you to my grandma’s place ’cause it was in the countryside and I know how much you enjoy being in nature.  We rested on the soft grass and watched the sunset together until we both fell asleep.  That was an unforgettable moment.  Even now, I can feel the corners of my mouth breaking into a smile as I write. 😀

And today, when we went down by the lake for a stroll, you looked so beautiful with the breeze gently blowing your hair back.  While I held your hand and walked along, humming a tune, I just felt such a sense of contentment in my heart. *happy sigh*  And look, I even wrote a little verse just for you. 🙂

I wanna hold your hand like this now and forever
And all the good times we’ve had, I will always treasure
I’ll bring you to the seashore
I will love you more and more
Wanna be like this with no worries, no sorrow

I wanna hold your hand like this now and forever
Can love be simple without pain, but only pleasure
You leaning on my shoulder
You resting in my arms, yeah…
Just live this kind of life, you love me, I love you

Want simple, simple love!
I want simple, simple love!

I’m always so grateful that you’ve been by my side these past couple of years.  Every little thing you’ve said and done just touched my heart so deeply.   I wanna hold your hand like this and never let go.  Do you think love can be forever innocent without sadness?  Do you think love can be simple without pain?  I know I can be naïve at times.  But what we have is so great.  It’s really given me faith in true love.  And both of us just happen to enjoy the simple things in life.  So, even if I just take you bike-riding or to a baseball game, you still love it.  And those quiet moments when you’re just leaning on my shoulder or asleep in my arms…  *happy sigh*  I really hope that we can be like this forever and live life with no worries ’cause the fact is…  I love you and you love me.  It’s that simple, and simple love is what I want.  I hope that every birthday can be like this.  Simple, yet so meaningful.


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