Eru’s 2nd Album Song Titles One-shot

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by Lisa Tang

Flurries drifted about as a light wind swept through the streets on this dreary day.  As I headed towards the nearby woods of my morning stroll, I stooped to scoop up a handful of White Snow on the sidewalk.  Slowly, I drew a heart in the soft white velvet that was lying in my left palm.  Then I added a zigzag line down the middle before blowing the snow off my hand.  These days I was often accompanied by my Black Glasses.  Not because I enjoyed being shrouded by an air of mystery, but because it allowed me to hide the inexplicable pain in my eyes and at the same time, masked the Heartbreak deep within.

I never expected that you would Take Off without me so suddenly.  Why did God have to bring you home so soon?!  My mind was brimming with questions and my eyes soon became blurry with tears.  I broke into a run and raced through the streets, scarcely mindful of the surrounding traffic, wanting to escape from the city and from the world…  My legs began to give up on my, but not until I reached the woods.  I raised my fists and shouted at the sky, “Why?  Why her??  Why not me???”  But I was only met with a frosty silence…  I succumbed to the wind that had begun to pick up and fell to my knees on the white blanket of snow.  Hoping that someone would pity me and praying to the heavens that you would hear me, I cried out with all my might, “Come Back To Me!! Please come back to me!!”  But my only response was the cruel mocking of the howling wind and the harsh whispers of the stirring leaves.  I dropped my head in despair, feeling as if the world had turned its back on me.

I recalled the times when I had affectionately called you “Okkyungi” and you gazed up at me with a dimpled smile.  Your gentle chidings of “Don’t Be Late!” also surfaced in my thoughts even though I knew that time and again, you did not mind waiting for me.  We’ve built so many memories together over the years and I’ve always dreamed of spending the rest of my life With You.  But alas, fate was not on my side.  And now…  I’ve been left behind, to face this world all alone.

My heart ached as I pondered what my future would hold.  One thing was certain…  I’ll Promise to keep a special place for you in my heart.  I knew that time could never erase everything we’ve shared.  Not because of my stubbornness or unwillingness to completely let you go, but simply Because I Love You so much…


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2008-11-13 Shin Hye Sung’s 1st Album Song Titles One-shot

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