Shin Hye Sung’s 1st Album Song Titles One-shot

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Love of May

by Lisa Tang

Love…  Love… What is it?  Is it the current of emotions that’s churning inside me this moment?  As these waves fail to subside, I gaze at you, letting my eyes pore over you one last time…  The Tears in your eyes Mirror the pain in my heart…  I place my hand on your tear-streaked face and tenderly brush the sad pearls aside…  Such a beautiful visage should not be shadowed with such hurt and misery…

Deep inside, I want to say to you, “Please Don’t Leave“, but I know that it is inevitable in the end…  I am overwhelmed as my heart aches like the tides that year to caress the shore again and again…  How long will you be gone for?  Will I ever see you again?  And if we were to meet Later… Would you still remember Everything we’ve shared?  Will you still have the Same Thoughts as me?  All these things tumble in my mind…  *sigh*  Perhaps this is my Punishment for neglecting you this past while…  Please forgive me and let me say once more that “I’m so Sorry… For Forgetting You…”  In reality, even when I was not by your side, you were never far from my thoughts…  But it was wrong of me to assume that you were a Hidden Camera within me, who knew my every thought and feeling.  And now, I guess it’s too late to reverse the hourglass.

I reach for your hand one last time, and in it, I gingerly place a scroll wrapped with a silvery blue, silk ribbon.  You look up and peer questioningly at me.  “It’s my farewell Present for you,” I whisper as a lump catches in my throat, “A Song For You that I have written.”

She gently runs her hands over the scroll and then clutches it close to her chest…  Forcing a faint smile, she utters her gratitude and approaches me for one final embrace.  As I hold her in my arms, feeling her heart beating next to mine, I speak softly in her ear, “Don’t worry about me…  Take care and…  Buen Camino…”

We stand there for what seems like an eternity…  The waves inside me still refuse to rest.  I know that I will treasure you in my heart always…  And I pray that we’ll meet again sometime…  Perhaps on another day in May…  That’s when our love will spring once more…


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