Shin Hye Sung’s 2nd Album Song Titles One-shot

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The Beginning, New Days

by Lisa Tang

May 7th, 2005…  The First Meeting

From The Beginning on The Day We First Met, I knew that you were the one for me.  There was just something about you that struck an instant chord in my heart… your gentle gaze, your heartwarming smile, your melodic voice…  That chance encounter at the bookstore when I accidentally bumped into you had made a lasting imprint in the Center of my chest.  Though the meeting was brief, when your eyes met mine, I knew that there was an instant connection.  But I was too nervous to ask for your name or number.  And of course, there was the fear of rejection. *sigh* Why do guys always have to make the first move? Girls Are Lucky that they do not have to go through such a dilemma.  We muttered our good-byes and went our separate ways after we walked out together.

As the hands of time counted the passage of each day, thoughts of you lingered in my mind like the sweet fragrance of the fresh country air after a spring shower…  Like a fool drowned in the depths of love, I dreamt of the day we would meet again.  I thought of what you might wear and what you might say.  I even thought of what jokes I might tell you in exchange for the gift of your twinkling eyes and infectious smile.  Day by day, Everything Is You… But after a while, I began to wonder whether my dream would ever transform into reality when I did not see you again at the bookstore… With a heavy heart, I ceased my visits there…

August 8th, 2007… The Bittersweet Reunion

One summer afternoon as I strolled through the nearby park on my way to the bus stop, something made me halt in mid-stride.  I turned around and to my surprise and delight, there you were–the girl who I have thought about day and night, right before my eyes.  I had a sudden urge to run up to you and sweep you into a tight embrace.  But fear of uncertainty held me back and tried to knock some sense into me.  Like a remote Island that I had not been able to reach for the past two years and three months, you seemed like a distant figment of my imagination.  Perhaps you had already forgotten about me…  Perhaps you never even noticed me…  Perhaps you did not wish to see me because there was already someone special in your life…

As question after question crept into my mind, I approached you cautiously. I uttered a quick hello and Tearful Eyes greeted my gaze as you peered up at me.  At such an unexpected sight, I did not know how to react.  In my mind, my immediate reaction was that I Want To Hold You close and comfort you.  But I did not know how you would feel about that.  So, all I did was reach out my hand to wipe the tears that were streaming down your cheeks and pat your arm a couple of times. A flood erupted as a result and you leaned on my shoulder and between sobs, recounted fragments of your story of what had taken place from two springs prior till now. I listened in disbelief as her last words echoed in my mind.  “I only have two more months to live…”  Feeling helpless and in shock, I felt powerless and could not even bring myself to speak any utterances of consolation, which would sound empty and insincere in such a predicament. I lamented why we were brought together again, only to have to separate before long…

October 23rd, 2007… The Final Farewell

The past couple of months had flown by in the blink of an eye.  Even though we had spent every day together, to me, it was not enough.  There was so much more that I had wanted to do with you.  But I knew that I could not be so greedy.  Each day that passed was a blessing and all I wanted to do was to spend it with you in joy.

But that fateful day finally arrived in October.  My heart became overwhelmed with sorrow, mirroring the Gloomy Rain as it shedded Tears from heaven. My mind grew numb as I failed to fathom why you had to be taken back into the arms of the Father at such a young Age. As I saw your body being laid to rest, I whispered to you one last time, “I LUV YOU…”

Seeing my sullen state, my family and friends tried their best to comfort me and asked me to just Erase, Let Go, And Forget… for memories of you would surely live on in my heart.  I knew that they wanted to ease my pain and for me to move on. They said that I will find someone again and time has the power of soothing the deepest scars of the heart and that I should remain strong. Even If I Know It All, it is so much easier said than done. Sitting alone in the corner of my room as I recited the Soliloquy I had been writing as a tribute to you, my love, my eyes fell on the last stanza as a lump formed in my throat…

Even as I Age, no matter who else I might meet in this world,
No one can ever take the place of you in my heart.
For you will eternally be…
My First Person


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