Fly to the Sky’s 7th Album Song Titles One-shot

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A Self-kept Promise

by Lisa Tang

Written in commemoration of FTTS’s 9th Anniversary on November 21st and in anticipation of the upcoming 8th Album

I still recall how it had all started On The 3rd Day after we had first met at the library.  Your warm, genuine smile and sparkling eyes immediately captivated me.  It was as if My Angel had descended in front of my eyes.  Feeling a bit shy and slightly awkward, I ventured to ask you out.  To my surprise and delight, you actually agreed.  I was elated!

That was three years ago when we were both freshmen in college.  Perhaps we were still young and naive then.  Our romance blossomed quickly, but also withered before long as the Weightless Love grew heavy.  I still don’t know what I had done wrong.  When you had initiated the break-up, I was caught off-guard.  Feeling completely bewildered, I asked her why she was leaving me.  She replied, “I’m Sorry…  I’ve met someone else…  Please Go Ahead And Hate Me…  I don’t deserve your love…”

I was speechless…  How did I lose you to him after our two years together?  Had my mind been so clouded by illusions that I had not even noticed the signs that her heart was slowly slipping away from mine?  And now, all that was left was a Handful Of Memories.  Shrouded by her stinging words that played again and again in my mind, I whispered, “Whether or not you think you deserve it, It’s Still LoveI Love You.  It’s that simple.”  Like an apparition, I drifted around campus, lost in my own world.  At times, I was trapped in darkness, burying all my pain and tears within.  And at other moments, anguish struck my weakened heart and I wanted to find out who was responsible so I could lay it all out with him Man 2 Man.  But I fought against the anger that consumed me and just tried my best to deal with the ceaseless dull ache on my own.

Two years have elapsed; I am still The Person Who Remains unchanged.  When the graduation date arrived, I was filled with a sense of dread because I knew that the day after had been set for your wedding.  Like a looming cloud that followed my every move, I walked around in a daze, trying to force a smile when greeted by a fellow classmate and promptly returned the congratulatory remarks.  The procession passed before my eyes like a haze and as I stole glances at you, who was seated several rows ahead of me, I could not help but think that you’re Still Beautiful Today…and no doubt, would appear even more stunning tomorrow…  The whole bowing, hand-shaking, acceptance of diploma occurred as if I were in a robotic trance.  Everything seemed like a blur…  Despite my best efforts to slow down time, it was adamant to move on, mocking me as it whistled merrily whilst counting down the hours to the next morn.

The following day, I awoke with a heavy heart.  With every step that I took and every motion that I made, it seemed as if I was pounded by pellets of pain that pierced my entire body.  I got dressed and proceeded out the door.  Wincing as my eyes were met with brilliant sunlight, I found it especially cruel on this day as its jeering rays jabbed at my heart and flooded me with pangs of pain.  I heaved a sigh and muttered under my breath, “Let’s Get It On!  What’s the point of prolonging the inevitable?”

Many guests had already selected their spots at the pews when I arrived at my dreaded destination.  Soon, the ceremony was underway.  When the pastor joined the couple in matrimony and concluded with the line, “If anyone has any reason to object to this union, speak now or forever hold your peace.”  I had the urge to stand up and shout, “Jiyeon ah…  Don’t Get Married!!”  But I knew that would only be a foolish and fruitless act.  As I watched helplessly, my heart almost stopped beating when I saw that the person who was Kissing You at the altar was not me.  Fighting back stabs of pain, I convinced myself that Even If I Can’t Have You, I still wish you every happiness and blessing in whatever your future holds.

The rest of the day flew by.  Now that you have begun a new chapter of your life, perhaps it is finally time for me to commence mine.  I shall hold fast to the Self-kept Promise that I had just made–I will remain strong because surely, desolation will depart and I will find my love one day.


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