Curious George

December 5, 2008 at 10:28 pm 2 comments

Curious George

by Lisa Tang
* Written as part of a proofreading exercise that I gave to one of the students that I tutor =P (The original contained spelling errors that he had to spot ^^)

A very strange thing happened to George on his way to school.  Since he was running late, he decided to take a shortcut.  Instead of his daily route of walking along the sidewalks of the main streets, he opted to take a back road.  After jogging for several minutes, he heard a weird noise behind him.  He stopped and turned around, but saw nothing out of the ordinary.  So, he shrugged and continued along the path, checking his watch to see how much longer he had before the school bell signaled for first period.

“Ten more minutes,” George muttered to himself out loud.  “I can still make it if I hurry.”

Quickening his pace, George sped to the fence that surrounded a large grassy field, which was the only thing that separated him from the school parking lot.  He scaled the fence with ease and started to sprint across the field.  Step by step, he was getting closer and closer to his destination.  Seeing that he had five minutes to spare, he stopped by an oak tree to catch his breath before he made the final dash.  It was then that he heard the strange noise again.  Startled, George looked up and found himself face to face with a giant banana.  It was unlike anything that he had seen or eaten before in his life.  Mesmerized by this unprecedented sight, George wondered whether he was hallucinating because he was starting to feel the fatigue from having raced from home to here without any rest.  Blinking his eyes a couple of times and even pinching his cheek thrice, the image did not disappear; instead, the giant banana towered over him with a menacing grimace on its face.

“You thought you could just take the shortcut and get to school on time, eh?  Well, think again, kid.  I’m going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget.  And here you’ve thought all along how easy it was to pluck bananas from trees to your heart’s content simply to satisfy your hunger for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Ha!”

Gazing at the giant banana in horror, George was frozen in his tracks.  Never before had he thought that it’d be a crime to eat bananas three times a day, sometimes more.  It was considered a staple for a monkey.  Of course, bananas were not all that he ate.  On occasion, he would treat himself to some peanuts for a snack, and if he got lucky, maybe he would be able to splurge on some cashews.

“Yo, lil’ monkey boy!  Hellooooo!!” the giant banana shouted while waving his muscular yellow arms in front of George’s face.

Snapping back to reality, George realized that he had tuned out for a moment as various thoughts flooded his mind.  The giant banana was showing no sign of backing away anytime soon and the watch was reading 8:28am.  Only two more minutes to go and here he was standing under the luminous shadow of a humongous piece of yellow fruit.  Then, a sudden thought occurred to him.  What if he outsmarted the giant banana somehow?  Then, even if he was late, his teacher and classmates would definitely not be upset if he could bring this trophy to share.

Determined to fight the battle of his life in order to avoid the despair of having no more bananas to consume forever, George mustered up his courage and made a swift and precise leap onto the giant banana.  He scurried up its head and stomped on its nose while tickling its cheeks.  The giant banana, who was unbelievably ticklish, succumbed to George’s attacks as it unsuccessfully attempted to swipe him off its face.  But George was cautious to not let himself be tricked by the giant banana.  To ensure that he had truly won, he aimed straight for the stump on its head and started to tug with all his might.  Slowly, but steadily, George began to peel the giant banana.  The yellow fruit yelped in pain as it felt its back unraveling and tried vehemently to shake George off its head.  But all its efforts were to no avail as George bounced to its forehead and repeated the same peeling action.  Just one more side to go, George thought to himself.  He made a little hop, slid down the banana’s side one last time, and voilà!  The giant banana’s skin was now draping from its head like a flower that had just blossomed after being bathed in brilliant sunlight.  Proudly admiring his masterpiece, George knew that he had secured the grand prize.

With a smug smile on his face, George flipped the giant banana’s skin back into place and found a discarded rope nearby to tie it up.  Dragging it along through the remainder of field, George merrily whistled a tune, no longer afraid of being tardy to class today.  Bruised and beaten, the giant banana hung its head as it scraped along the withered grass.  George mused to himself how surprised and delighted his teacher and classmates will be upon seeing his captive and hearing about his triumphant victory.


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杰倫歌曲傳奇 / The Jay Song Saga 2008-12-05

2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. tortyserox  |  December 10, 2008 at 5:22 am

    ” On occasion, he would treat himself to some peanuts for a snack, and if he got lucky, maybe he would be able to splurge on some cashews.”

    LOL! cashews again~ :D:D

    hey lisa ^^ i was surfing ard soompi’s east asian thread and suddenly thought of a question i,ve been wanting to ask XDD

    how many years have you been tutoring english? have you…ever thought of going korea to teach? given that u r billingual, from a native speaking country, you’ll stand a good chance there! 😀

    for me, i,ll spend the next 2-3 years studying here in singapore for a degree. it might sound childish, but going to korea and work is a lil wish of mine though i know its gonna be reallly really tough. i dunoe how “firm” this wish of mine is, it could be because of all this korean kraze going on in my life now *lol*

    there was once when i kinda envy you that you are residing in a native-speaking country, cus i read that english teachers are high in demand down there. kekeke

  • 2. wackycashew  |  December 11, 2008 at 11:51 pm

    pwahahaha… you know i had to slip that in there somewhere… XDDD

    i started to tutor english after i finished school. so, i’ve been working at the tutoring centre for over 4 years now and i do private tutoring on the side as well for english and math or whatever subjects. actually, when i graduated from university, i was going to teaching english in japan for a year. i got accepted as well. but then i had to back out because my mom had to undergo eye surgery. i was pretty bummed about that. >.<

    to be honest, teaching english and working with international students is a dream of mine. that’s why i wanted to teach overseas before getting something more permanent here. i really enjoy working with esl students. ^^ but alas, i guess it just didn’t work out and i ended up doing graphic design. *lol*

    i know of opportunities of teaching esl are immense. so if you’re interested in pursuing this, i definitely encourage you to do so. d^.^b due to some health reasons, i can no longer travel to a foreign country for a lengthy period of time (i.e., one year). so, i’m a bit saddened that i might not be able to fulfill the dream i had after finishing school. but if something comes up in the future, i would definitely look into it. =D a friend i know online is a teacher and she went to korea to teach english. she’s still there, i believe. i know the esl field is growing everywhere around the world, not just in asian countries. i guess the only thing would be that sometimes the agencies look for ‘real’ native speakers (caucasians), meaning not like me who has the appearance of ‘non-native’. =0

    anyway, good luck with your studies!! i don’t think it’s childish at all. i think it’s definitely achievable. hwaiting!!! 😀


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