Big Bang – Haru Haru (One Day, One Day) [English Version]

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Maybe Someday

Lyrics by: Lisa Tang
2008-12-11 to 2008-12-12

I’m sorry
Yeah… Finally, I realize that I’m nothing without you
I was so wrong, forgive me


Just like a fool, I feel so lost, so empty
I don’t know what to think or say or do, but now
I guess I just have no choice but to make you
See you simply misunderstood me somehow
The only one for me has always been you
I thought you should know that I’ll always stay the same (Say good-bye)

Yeah, I know at times I may have somehow appeared weak in your eyes, and now
The void between us is tearing us apart, then what does this mean for us now?
Do you truly think that I’d cheat on you and only pretend to love you?
Are you tellin’ me that never before have you even felt my love?

My baby, I’m hoping that you’ll see through the lies that others have told about us
Even though I may not have confessed my love for you often enough
Please believe there’s no one else but me who would be willing to give up my life just for you
Don’t just trust what you may see or hear, but look deep into my heart

You know it’s a lie
Don’t leave me behind
Believe in what I say
Why can’t you understand?
You know I love you
And that will never change
Why can’t you give me just one more chance
To prove to you that my heart is true?
Don’t listen to what others may say
Just listen to your heart, I can only hope
Maybe someday
You’ll know how I feel (eel eel eel)

Oh, girl
I cry cry
You’re my all
(Say good-bye)

I can no longer mask the pain that I’m now feeling inside
The tears on my face and in my heart just refuse to subside
And yet as I continue to cry, you still choose to leave me
I feel myself drowning in my own pool of sorrow

How can you walk away just like that? How can you think that I’m really like that?
How can I stand up again as I keep on falling deeper into this abyss?
How can you be so cruel to someone who you had once loved and say it’s no big deal?
How can you expect that I’ll be fine without you here?

Repeat Chorus

You’re not by my side
I’m bleeding inside
Now I’m all alone
No one but me
Can love you more
You didn’t believe… Yeah…
Maybe someday you’ll regret
For ever putting me through all this pain
I thought you loved me… Ummm…
In your heart, won’t you even try to keep a place for me?
How can you be so blind to see, baby?

Repeat Chorus

Oh, girl
I cry cry
You’re my all
Say good-bye bye
Oh, my love
Don’t lie lie
You’re my heart
Say good-bye


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