Fly to the Sky’s 8th Album Song Titles One-shot

January 31, 2009 at 11:35 am Leave a comment


by Lisa Tang

Written in celebration of FTTS’s 8th Album Release: Decennium

A Decennium has elapsed since I first became Close To You. You were a Good Girl and deserved the very best, but somehow, I spiralled out of control after depression took over from the loss of my grandfather, and I slowly let the intrusion of Alcohol gnaw away at our relationship. Finally, you could not stand it anymore and told me, “Just Go, You! Just go and leave me alone…”

Arrested by this sudden outburst, I was reeled back to reality. I had not realized that the path I had been steering along was causing you so much pain and imposing such Restrictions upon you. And by the time that my senses had awakened, it was already too late… There was nothing I could do to convince you to return to my side. And thus, a deep wound formed in my heart–one that I have been unable to erase all these years…

As I gazed out the window of my room, thoughts of you drifted to mind as if some invisible force was plucking pieces of what we had shared and letting the wind guide them to where I was. I still cherished a lot of our memories together close to my heart. Out of all my Favourites, the one that stood out the most was when the two of us were spending a cloudless day in the countryside. There was nothing particularly spectacular about that day, but what made it so vivid to me was enjoying the simple joy of your presence as we opened our hearts to each other. And Probably Love smiled and decided to descend on us that day… *sigh* But that was a long time ago…before everything went wrong…

Jousting myself out of my trance, I drew my attention back to the task at hand. Sharpening my pencil and carefully placing the tip on the page, I let the scratches of lead guide my hand as I poured my love in the final Whole Note in this Song For You that I have penned. Leaving this Last Prayer of mine by your doorstep as a testament of my regret, I hoped the words will speak to you somehow…

I’m Sorry, Tears
For letting you fall from the eyes of the one I love
I’m sorry, Heartache
For finding you a home in the depths of the one I cherish
I’m sorry, Love
For disappointing you when you tried to reach out to me
I’m sorry, please forgive me
Even if you don’t, I will still wait for another Decennium


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