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– Added more English versions of songs for my projects (SSH, Junsu, Sungie oppa) + a one-shot for Sungie’s 3rd album Side II [I’m totally exhausting my brain cells these days… XD]
– Posted some old graphics and a short poem I wrote for FTTS’s 8th anniversary [I’m so sad Decennium is their last official album as a duo as they head in separate directions and will only get together for special project albums]

That’s probably all I’ll be posting for now. I’m off to Korea for two weeks and won’t be around for the next while. ^_____^


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Shin Hye Sung’s 3rd Album Side II Song Titles One-shot

Why Did You Call…

by Lisa Tang

A Beautiful Girl like you…  Just what did you see in me back then?  Was it the Love Letter that I had written that touched your heart somehow?  I’m a man of few words in person, yet when I poured out my feelings onto the page, did you see something in me that you didn’t see before?  Then why did you give it back to me when you wanted to break up with me?  You had kept it for so long…  If you didn’t want it anymore, then why couldn’t you just tear it up and toss it away?  Why did you have to be so cruel?  Did you not know that even a smile or a pout from you can taunt me in a way that even I find it hard to believe myself?

In handing me back the letter, it was as if a dart had pierced my heart.  It was as if you were saying that you wanted to wipe everything away.  Wasn’t there anything that we experienced together that would be worthy of your reminiscence?  Even If It’s A Lie and you may not truly feel this way, could you not just say that we had shared some moments that you would cherish and that you still wanted to be friends with me after we part our ways?

Arghhh…  I’m About To Die from this Love Disease that is consuming me alive.  For a while, I thought I was actually doing all right on my own…  But then that day…  Why Did You Call… Have you not already said all you wanted to say when you told me that you thought it’d be best for us to not see each other anymore?  Your call and hearing your voice again…  It just stirred up the emotions in me that I thought I had already buried.

And now, you have made me realize that you were never gone to begin with…  You were simply lurking in a corner of my heart as I tried to move on and pretend that everything was okay. But I was only fooling myself and you were Still very much in my heart even now.  As I stood Here alone in my room, I had no choice but to soak up the pain that stabbed at my heart at the rhythm of my pulse.  I did not pray for the heartache to go away for I knew that was futile.  All I hoped was that you will not Keep Leaving and coming back so that the shadows of you and your scent could be momentarily tucked away.  Perhaps when the numbness finally subsided, I would be able to withstand the possible hurt of falling in love again.

(NOTE: I changed “Keep Leaves” to “Keep Leaving” in order to fit the structure of the sentence better.  After all, “Keep Leaves” is just ungrammatical. *lol*)

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Shin Hye Sung – Wae Jeonhwahaesseo… (Why Did You Call…) [English Version]

Why Did You Call…

Lyrics by: Lisa Tang

Oh, why did you call…
Just a whisper
Echoed in my ear

Oh, why did you call…
So long…
That’s all you said
After all we’ve shared

Oh, why did you call…

What is the use in
Calling me just to say
“I’m sorry…”

Already made up your mind
No longer here by my side
Then there is no need to hide
Just what you’re feeling now inside (echo: feeling now inside)
My pain will never subside
Yet I still wish to see your smile
You know that I love you
I simply can’t bear to say good-bye

I was a fool…
To think
The love we had
Is everlasting

I was so wrong… (echo: I was so wrong…)
And now
No choice but to
Face reality

Oh, why break my heart… (echo: Oh, why break my heart…)

Repeat Chorus 1

Even though time could be so unkind
It can’t erase my memories
I know deep in my heart (echo: deep in my heart)
I will still love you just the same

Even if it breaks my heart
Should have known right from the start
That one day we’d have to part
But I was just too blind to see (echo: just too blind to see)
That we were not meant to be
Just can’t bring myself to believe
You’re not here anymore
I simply can’t bear to say good-bye

I simply can’t bear to say good-bye     Ohhh…
I simply can’t bear to say good-bye     Yeah…
I simply can’t bear to say good-bye

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Junsu – Rainy Night [English Version]

Lyrics by: Lisa Tang

Rain in my heart…
Falling endlessly
I’m all alone tonight
Trying to mask the hurt I’m feeling inside
But it’s no use when all I can think of is you
I miss you…

Why did you leave me on this rainy night (2nd time: Baby, don’t leave me behind) to face this pain on my own?
To me, you’ll always be the one who understands me
You know I love you, oh my girl
Don’t you feel the same way, too?
My heart breaks each and every night
The tears that fall are more than the rain
Baby, I still love you

When we meet once again, I can see you’re cryin’, baby
You’re just so innocent, so sweet
Please tell me you did not mean to say those words     Yeah…
It was a lie that you merely carelessly told     Whoa…

Why can’t you let me hold you tight so you don’t have to be all alone?
Don’t ever think that I will not love you anymore
I will promise you forever
You just have to trust in me
Just look into my eyes and see
It’s true my love for you will never change
Baby, I still love you

The sound of your voice makes me tremble when I call
Just say the word, and I’ll be right there
Baby, you’re my love

Repeat Chorus 1 minus last line

Why can’t you just give me one more chance to (Baby, I still love you) make things right again somehow?
Please don’t say there’s no turning back for the two of us
You know I’ll love you forever
And I’ll never let you go
All you have to do is to say
You’re willing to give us a second chance
Ahhh… I can’t say “good-bye” ’cause I love you

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Song Seung Heon – Keudaereul… (You…) [English Version]

You’ve Always Been…

  • From “Sad Sonata” drama OST

Lyrics by: Lisa Tang

You’ve always been the one I’m blessed to have by my side
To me, you’re the voice of reason when I go astray
And you fill my heart with warmth when I’m down
I hope somehow my love for you is enough

You’ve always been the light that shines amidst my darkness
To me, you’re the hope that sparkles when I lose my way
And you make me feel humble when I’m proud
You help me believe

I’m grateful for all that you’ve done
And now I want to express how I feel

You’ve sacrificed so much
You’ve given me your love
I want to show the world just what you mean
So, let me be the one for you
When you need the strength to do
What your heart tells you to
With all that we have been through
I promise to be true

You’ve always been the dock I rest at to face my storms
To me, you’re the courage within when I’m in dismay
And you remind me how to right my wrongs
You make me complete

I’m thankful for all that you are
And now I want to share what’s in my heart

Repeat Chorus minus last line

And just cast all your fears aside
Let me help you through your strife
And if you want to hide
Rest in my arms for a while
I’ll never leave your side

You’re the love of my life…

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Birthday Graphic + Stationery Set For Rickie (2007)




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Creative Headquarters Graphic

I made this to put up at work back in 2006. XD Hence, I decided to go with this name for my blog here. ^^

Click on thumbnail for full size:

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