Shin Hye Sung’s 3rd Album Side II Song Titles One-shot

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Why Did You Call…

by Lisa Tang

A Beautiful Girl like you…  Just what did you see in me back then?  Was it the Love Letter that I had written that touched your heart somehow?  I’m a man of few words in person, yet when I poured out my feelings onto the page, did you see something in me that you didn’t see before?  Then why did you give it back to me when you wanted to break up with me?  You had kept it for so long…  If you didn’t want it anymore, then why couldn’t you just tear it up and toss it away?  Why did you have to be so cruel?  Did you not know that even a smile or a pout from you can taunt me in a way that even I find it hard to believe myself?

In handing me back the letter, it was as if a dart had pierced my heart.  It was as if you were saying that you wanted to wipe everything away.  Wasn’t there anything that we experienced together that would be worthy of your reminiscence?  Even If It’s A Lie and you may not truly feel this way, could you not just say that we had shared some moments that you would cherish and that you still wanted to be friends with me after we part our ways?

Arghhh…  I’m About To Die from this Love Disease that is consuming me alive.  For a while, I thought I was actually doing all right on my own…  But then that day…  Why Did You Call… Have you not already said all you wanted to say when you told me that you thought it’d be best for us to not see each other anymore?  Your call and hearing your voice again…  It just stirred up the emotions in me that I thought I had already buried.

And now, you have made me realize that you were never gone to begin with…  You were simply lurking in a corner of my heart as I tried to move on and pretend that everything was okay. But I was only fooling myself and you were Still very much in my heart even now.  As I stood Here alone in my room, I had no choice but to soak up the pain that stabbed at my heart at the rhythm of my pulse.  I did not pray for the heartache to go away for I knew that was futile.  All I hoped was that you will not Keep Leaving and coming back so that the shadows of you and your scent could be momentarily tucked away.  Perhaps when the numbness finally subsided, I would be able to withstand the possible hurt of falling in love again.

(NOTE: I changed “Keep Leaves” to “Keep Leaving” in order to fit the structure of the sentence better.  After all, “Keep Leaves” is just ungrammatical. *lol*)


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Shin Hye Sung – Wae Jeonhwahaesseo… (Why Did You Call…) [English Version] 2009-02-12

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