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– Posted English versions of SS501’s Wings of the World and Sandy Lam’s At Least There’s Still You =D
– Added the songs (original & covers) to Media Player ^^


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Sandy Lam – Zhi Shao Hai You Ni (At Least There’s Still You) [English Version]

It’s Because of You

Lyrics by: Lisa Tang

All those endless nights, I was all alone
When I woke up to the darkness
My heart felt a sense of pain
I was living in my own world
Trying so desperately
To forget all the hurt

All those lonely nights, I was by myself
I was drowning in my sadness
With no one there to turn to
I was just about to lose hope
Buryin’ all of my dreams
Thinking I could not go on

Every time I think of the wound in my heart
Even just a word can make me fall apart
But then you appeared, saving me from my despair
And now, I know that I’m no longer afraid
It’s because of you, I’ve somehow found my way
You’re the miracle who’s standing here by my side

All those endless nights, I was all alone
I was drowning in my sadness
With no one there to turn to
I was just about to lose hope
Buryin’ all of my dreams
Thinking I could not go on

Repeat Chorus

From the depths of my heart
I just want to express
I have faith once again
I’m so thankful to have you
Your patience and your love
Have touched me so deeply that I know we will be together for eternity

Repeat Chorus

By my side

(NOTE: I love this song and I’m happy that SuJu did a cover of it. I know no English words can justify the beauty of the original Chinese lyrics or the touching Korean lyrics due to the nature of the language. But I wanted to write an English version anyway. ^^)

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SS501 – Sehsangeui Nalgae (Wings of the World) [English Version]

Wings of the World

Lyrics by: Lisa Tang

Written to express the love of international fans for SS501!

There are times when tears come at night
Thinking back to all you’ve sacrificed
Looking at how much you have grown
It makes us so proud to be your fans

Praying day by day for health and happiness
You will always be in our hearts

Remember that we will always stand by you
No matter what happens; so, don’t be afraid
Should you fall down, get up once again
With us all behind you, you will soar with wings of the world

So many precious memories
Playing scene by scene before our eyes
Witnessing all that you have done
Always walking with you step by step

With each passing day, we’ll always cheer you on
You will always be in our hearts

Repeat Chorus

We know that there may be times
That you’d feel lost and don’t know what to do
You can just lean on us (echo: just lean on us)
We’ll give you hope and strength to carry on in this world

Repeat Chorus

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– Posted English version of Lee Sang Gon’s Tears Are Falling =D (This will be my last BOF OST work for now since my goal was to write from the different perspectives of  Junpyo, Jihoo, Jandi, Gaeul, & Yijing ^^)
– Added the song to Media Player
– Added gifs of FTTS’s Music Bank waiting room for their good-bye stage *pouts* and Hyunnie’s cute cute expressions from Guerilla Date XD
– Updated blog header and added entry to Blog Headers Archive category =P

영원히 우리 지후선배 ♥♥♥

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Kim Hyun Joong – Guerilla Date on Entertainment Relay (2009-03-14)

Hyunnie is just oh so cute here!!! XD

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Fly to the Sky – Music Bank Waiting Room (2009-04-10)

Good-bye stage… *sobs*

April 17, 2009 at 5:23 pm 2 comments

Lee Sang Gon – Noonmooli Nanda (Tears Are Falling) [English Version]

My Second Chance
*From “Boys Over Flowers” drama OST 2

Lyrics by: Lisa Tang

The many sleepless nights, thoughts of her on my mind
No doubt I was the one who was such a fool
Tears falling in my heart, I bury all the pain
I thought I was fine alone

*But then you appeared
Turning my world upside down
When I already gave up

You told me that I was wrong; I did not want to get hurt
I was too selfish to see that I was the fool
Who had lost my chance to love, so I chose to be like him
Someone who will never care for anyone else

You seem to know my heart even when you were hurt
Why did you stay by my side?

Repeat *, Chorus 1

It doesn’t have to be like this
That’s what you told me
Now I want to believe

Just the way that you love me, not expecting anything
I just can’t believe that I’ve found someone like you
I hope that I’m not too late, that you still feel the same way
Finally, I realized that you’re my second chance

(NOTE: I decided to make this song like a confession of love from Yijung to Gaeul <3)

April 17, 2009 at 5:15 pm 2 comments

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