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– Added my letter for Jay, another project. ^^ Sent it today. Heehee~
– Made a wallie for my bro cuz it’s his b-day, but don’t think I should post it. He doesn’t like his face spread all around the ‘net. I had used some pics from his Europe trip. *lol* Happy birthday, Big Bro!! <333


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Letter for Jay (2PM)

Another project to cheer Jay up! =D Some of you know about the 1200 letters that KHOTTESTS sent to Jay’s church in Seattle recently. As IHOTTESTS, we’d also like to do the same with our words of encouragement. For further details, please check I’ve made a banner ad to put on my sidebar, so you can take a quick glance at the info there. =P

Since we’re allowed a maximum of two pages one-sided, I decided to make stationery to write my one-page letter and include my previous Wacky Cashew drawing as my second page. XD At the top, it says: ♡ 영원히 우리의 리드자, smile again! ^^ ♡ Near the Jay pic at the bottom left, it says: 왜 그런지 몰라…



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– Posted a bunch of old wallies & graphics ^^
– Finally finished updating all the images on my blog! Whew~ XD

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Zhang Li Yin Birthday Graphic (2007)

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Brian Valentine’s Day Graphic (2007)

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The Love That Will Not Be Stopped By Anyone Graphic (2006)

This was a screencap from the sitcom. ^^

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Rickie Birthday Wallpaper (2009)

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Happy Birthday!

by Lisa Tang

R eaching out to those around you
I n a quiet, caring way
C hasing the dreams of God
K ept close to your heart night and day
I nstilling comfort, thought, and laughter
E vident in the words that you say

W eaving the young minds of the future
A iding their spreading of wings
I nspiring their search for their passions

K eep doing what you do
U sing the talents that God has bestowed upon you
E arnestly seek Him for He is good
N ever forget that His Word is our daily source of food

H ope lingers amidst trials in the face of love
U ndertaking challenges spurs faith and growth
N ear I wish to be though I am not
G reetings to you and here’s wishing you a happy birthday

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