Wonder Girls Toronto Concert – Pics (2009)

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I didn’t get too many shots of the girls on stage since it was dark and I was so far away. But the pics with them and JYP are absolutely precious!! =D

PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK MY PICS! PLEASE DO NOT POST MY PICS ELSEWHERE! I purposely didn’t tag them this time & kept them wallpaper size instead of just posting small pics. THANKS. ^^

(For original full-sized pics, please visit my twitpic ^^)

Click on thumbnail for full size of all the pics:

The Venue – Rogers Centre; humongous!!

Short promotional clip that played prior to the concert

MC introducing the Wonder Girls!! Woot! =D

The girls came out!!! ^0^ Saying Hi and such…

Teaching the Nobody dance!! =)

Gearing up for their performance!

FAN*TASTICS waiting at Gate 3

Sunye came out with Yeeun to say Hi, but I only had a chance to snap a pic of Sunye ^^

Sunye & Yeeun riding in golf cart to go back; very funny cuz they went one way & later came back and went the other way, so they waved to us XD (Yeeun was blocked from my view =X)

Me with the girls at the Private Meet & Greet!! Eeeeeppp!!! ^_____^

Me with da man, JYP!! His 5 magic words to me when I showed him my sign, “I know you, Wacky Cashew!” *dies from happiness & grinning from ear to ear* He remembered me from twitter!! Eeeeeppp!! =P
He posted his iPhone version on his twitpic: http://twitpic.com/fxxyo ^^V

This is where we were waiting as we each took turns taking pics with the girls who were on the other side of the curtain

Section 108 – Public Meet & Greet

Closer shot of the banner

The girls bowing at the end of the show; snapped this while in line

Lining up for Public Meet & Greet

Me with the girls again!! This time I get siggies cuz I purchased the pre-sale ticket! Woohoo! ^^V

The girls with Raymon, a fellow FAN*TASTIC! =D

Pre-sale Stub + Pre-sale Ad + Sunye Fansite Sticker Ad + Concert Ticket

JYP’s autograph! He even put “Wacky Cashew” without me saying anything!! *bounces* XD

Sunye’s autograph!! *dances*

Yeeun’s autograph!! *skips*

Sohee’s autograph!! *claps*

Yubin’s autograph!! *twirls*

Sunmi’s autograph!! *does Nobody dance*

Scan of the glossy promo card (“flyer”) front & back

Wonder Girls jjang!!! JYP manseh!!! =o)


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