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– Posted a wallie of Tae Yang’s Wedding Dress lyrics & English version of Big Bang’s Let Me Hear Your Voice (really like this track =P)
– Added the song to Media Player =)
– Updated blog header and the Blog Headers Archive! ^^


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Big Bang – Koe wo Kikasete (Let Me Hear Your Voice) [English Version]

Just Let Me Hear Your Voice

Lyrics by: Lisa Tang

Ohhh… Lalala… Ohhh… Ohhh…

I still remember very clearly just what it used to be like
I just can’t seem to erase these images in my head
Can’t you tell me just what do I need to do
To let you find a way to my heart (my heart)?

When I wake up each morning, I still see traces of you
Every day, I still pray that I will see you once again
Am I in a dream? Should I let go? Should I keep this pain to myself?

My mind tells me what to do (what to do), but then my heart says (but then my heart says)
How can I give up just like that and not fight?
For something inside tells me if I…if I keep trying, you’ll come back one day

I just wanna hear your voice (2nd time: Yeah…)
I miss how it used to call my name
I miss the music it once made
You are still the one in my heart (2nd time: Missing you, baby girl)
Just let me hear your voice
Just one more time is all that I need
Because I believe that you still care (2nd time: Oh…)
If you just take one step, you’ll see there is still hope for us

Thinking back to the first time that I had ever met you
My heart was pounding so hard, I thought I was going to faint
I was captured by you from merely one look
I wondered if you also felt the same way (same way)

I just don’t know what happened and what has come between us
But I will do my best to get back my one true love
I will not give up even though it will be tough because I still love you so much

Don’t care what others may think (what others may think); just believe in me (just believe in me)
Just listen to what your heart is telling you
And come back to where you belong, which is right here next to my side

I just wanna hear your voice
I just wanna feel your heartbeat again
And I just wanna feel your sweet breath
Knowing that I’m still in your heart
Just let me hear your voice
It’s the only thing that I need
I can’t help but think that you still love me
If you could just find it in your heart, please give me one more chance

Yeah, since you went away, hasn’t been the same
In my heart, all I got is pain
Could it be that I play the game?
To lose you, I can’t maintain
Sunlight, moonlight, you lit my life
Realize in the night while love shines bright
Can’t let you go; we were meant for forever, baby, let me know

Days passed without you, can’t forget you
Letting me be the cloud hanging above me
Raining on me, missing your touch
Nights get longer and it’s hard to clutch
We’re apart, breaks my heart
It’s all for the best, girl; you’re my world
In time, my love unfurls
Till then, wait for you, girl

Repeat Chorus 1

(NOTE: Kept the original English rap ^^)

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Tae Yang – Wedding Dress Lyrics Wallpaper (2009)

Click on thumbnail for full size:

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2PM International Fans Map Project (2009-2010)

UPDATE 2010-01-30
I went to the post office to send the project today. It should go out on Monday and arrive in about a week. I’ll compile the pics properly soon. Meanwhile, you can check things out at my twitpic: ^^

Items sent to Seoul have arrived on 2010-02-04 at 15:04 local time! ^^V
Jay’s gift box has arrived on 2010-02-08 at 14:08 local time! =D
Jay’s church package has arrived on 2010-02-11 at 14:43 local time! =o)
Jay’s mailing tube has arrived on 2010-02-16 at 14:00 local time! XD



Both maps have been completed and the name poster has been printed & laminated!! Please check at the end of the post for links to pics. ^^



The World ♥ Jay! The World ♥ 2PM!

We promise “to hold your hand and walk with you till the end.”

Hi everyone! ^^

My name is Lisa and I’ve been thinking about doing a major project for Jay and 2PM for a while. After much thought, I decided that I want to put together a “census” map of 2PM fans from all over the world. This is to show Jay and the boys how much they’re loved!! =D

I have purchased two different versions of a laminated world wall map that is 28″ x 40″. What I am hoping to do is to fill the map with stickers to show where all the fans are from. Then, when Jay and the boys see the map, they’ll go, “Wow! I never knew I had fans from __________!!” XD

I originally thought of doing this just for Jay as a gift of encouragement. But then I thought I would do one for 2PM as well. Hence, the two maps and two different versions. Because when Jay returns to Seoul one day, it’d be nice to see a different map than the one he had gotten. =P Heehee~

I plan to work on the Jay one first because there are no restrictions to send him gifts right now whereas things are put on hold for 2PM at the moment.

I bought a 1/4″ hearts paper punch to make the “stickers”, which are actually just labels. =P I plan to make the hearts and write each sticker out by hand. I think it’d be more meaningful this way than to get some company to print me a batch of heart stickers. *lol*


World Map Version 1: curved

Stickers say: I ♥ JAY

The blank areas at the corners will be decorated. I plan to make it seem like people from different cultures are “holding” the map. Still thinking about that part. ^^


World Map Version 2: flat + flags at bottom

Stickers say: I ♥ 2PM

I might do something to decorate the border. Maybe sets of 7 hearts with I ♥ _____ for each member. Will have to see how things go. =)

Sticker Samples:

If there’s just one person from a specific area, there’d be one sticker. If a lot of fans are from the same area, I will just fill the space with stickers. =P


Subject: 2PM Map Project

Just fill out the following information and e-mail me. It’ll only take a few seconds. =P

Real First Name, Last Name:
Location (City, State/Province, Country):

Please note: If it’s a small city/town, put the closest big city. Otherwise, I can’t find it on the world map. XD If there’s no state/province in your country, then whatever the major regional division is will be fine. If there is no such thing, then just city + country will do. ^^

To protect your personal info, please DO NOT COMMENT here with your details. Please e-mail me. Thanks!!

For example:
Real First Name, Last Name: Mary Smith
Location (City, State/Province, Country): Toronto, Ontario, Canada

DEADLINE: Sunday, December 20, 2009

The deadline is tentative for now. I want to see what the response to the project is like. If possible, I’d like to send Jay’s around New Year’s because I will put things together during Christmas break. The 2PM one will be sent once I get the green light, but it’ll be later since I need to finish the Jay one first and I don’t know how long it’ll take until I get started. I will use the information that you submitted for both maps. ^^ If feasible, I might write out all the names + countries on the back of the maps. Still thinking about this, but covering the front with stickers will be my priority. The maps will be rolled up and sent in mailing tubes.

I posted a thread at 2ONEDAY forums. So, you can post your information there if you’re not e-mailing me:

Please please please ask any 2PM fans you know to participate! You can direct them to my blog or the 2OD thread. =D

If you e-mail me, I will reply to let you know I’ve received your information. You can send on behalf of friends as well. Just let me know.

I will be advertising this on soompi forums. If you belong to another forum, please help spread the word! I’d like to get this map as filled as possible to reflect a relatively accurate number of fans. If you know of fans from other countries that may or may not have a major fanbase, please get them to join this project and ask them to spread the word!! =D I’d like to include non-English speaking fans and even KHOTTESTS to represent everyone.

If you are advertising this project on your forum/blog, please let me know and I will list your site in my thank you’s + add you to my Blogroll. =D

If you’d like to help advertise this project, please use the following. Feel free to make your own b-set and share it here. =D It’d be much appreciated!! <333

Info Banner:
Join the 2PM International Fans Map Project!! =D

Square Ad:
Join the 2PM International Fans Map Project!! =D


Join the 2PM International Fans Map Project!! =D

Join the 2PM International Fans Map Project!! =D

If you have any questions or comments, you can post them here. ^^ You can also reach me at:


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– Posted English version of Tae Yang’s Wedding Dress! ^^ First, Where U At, and now, this! Totally loving the song + MV + choreo. Heehee~
– Added the song to Media Player =P

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Tae Yang – Wedding Dress [English Version]

*EDIT: Please note the following lyrics are written by me and it is NOT the one that Taeyang sings; I wrote this way before he released this song in English ^^

Lyrics by: Lisa Tang

(Ahhh…) I’m so sorry everything is over
(Ahhh…) But I guess it’s really over now
(Ahhh…) There’s something I gotta say before I let you go
(Ahhh…) Listen

When you have a fight with him
Sometimes you feel sad and blue
You cry on my shoulder; you give me a sense of hope

Though my heart secretly still aches, aches, aches for you
But when you smile at me, all my pain goes away

I tried my best to not let you know my feelings inside
I was afraid that we would drift apart and so I hide
Holding my breath and biting my lips, how I wish
If you’d just leave him and come to me

Baby, please just don’t hold his hand anymore
‘Cause you should be my lady
I have waited here so long for you
Look at me now


I know that once I play this song, you will
Vow to spend your life with him, not me
How I pray every single night
That this day will never appear before my eyes

You’re wearing a wedding dress (dress dress dress)
Girl, you’re wearing a wedding dress (dress dress dress)
It’s not me next to you (wedding dress dress dress)
Oh, you’re wearing a wedding dress
Oh, no

You never knew how I felt
And I hated you for that
I wished you would look just a bit sad in front of me

Now my eyes are dry and have no, no, no more tears
I talk to you as if you’re here though I’m alone

Every night, thinking and tossing and turning, I can’t sleep
Maybe I’ve known all along this would happen in the end
I close my eyes yet I can’t let go of this dream
If you’d just leave him and come to me

Baby (baby), just don’t hold his hand when he comes to you (oh oh oh)
‘Cause you should be my lady (lady, hey)
I have waited here so long for you
Look at me now

Repeat Chorus 1

Though you can never be mine
I will try to forget you
Please don’t give any thought to how hurt I might’ve looked
Though it’ll be hard for me, I know I need to erase you from my heart
No, oh

I know for the longest time, I’ve been a fool
I was living in my illusions
When she sees me even now
She still smiles, not knowing how I’ve felt all along

You’re wearing a wedding dress (dress dress dress)
Oh, no
Girl, you’re wearing a wedding dress (wedding dress dress dress)
Wedding dress (It’s not me! It’s not me!)
Oh, you’re wearing a wedding dress
Oh, no

(NOTE: I tried to base the English lyrics on the original Korean lyrics and the MV. ^^)

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– Posted English versions of Hwanhee’s Because I Missed Your Heart and Park Bom’s You And I; really enjoying these two tracks recently =D
– Added the songs to Media Player ^^

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