2PM – Heartbeat [English Version]

December 9, 2009 at 10:27 pm 3 comments

Lyrics by: Lisa Tang

Written in support of Jay Park!

Can you feel my heartbeat?
Heartbeat (beat)
Heartbeat (beat)

I thought with you gone, my heart would just stop
But I know I must be strong
Only then can you come back

Without you here, every day, the sky just looks grey
I wish I had the power to stop time and make you stay
Hurting again and again
As if I’m drowning or falling into quicksand
It won’t stop; it just won’t stop
I keep thinking that if I could just keep hanging on
The day of your return will come soon… Yeah!
My heartbeat will resume its old course… Yeah!

Why did they all gang up on you and chase you out like a criminal?
Why can’t they just understand? I guess you just do not fit the mould
Always the one who has his own style; it was just hard for you to fit in
But I say, “So what?”
Should they hold this against you?

Ever since the day you left
My heart can’t seem to beat the way it used to
I don’t know what to do
All I know in my heart is you’ve got to come back
I know without you, it just won’t be the same again

Listen to my heartbeat
It’s beating for you (2nd time: you)
Listen to my heartbeat
It’s waiting for you (2nd time: waiting for you)
And though I don’t know just how long it’d be (2nd time: it’d be)
I know only you can make us complete (2nd time: can make us complete)

Listen to my heartbeat
It’s beating for you (2nd time: you)
Listen to my heartbeat
It’s waiting for you (2nd time: Oooh…)
Each day that passes, we still think of you (2nd time: of you)
It hurts us just like how it hurts you too (2nd time: just like how it hurts you too)

I won’t forget; I won’t forget about you
Even if everything is gone, I will never let you go
Keep trying to get him back, I ain’t budging
He’s gone, I won’t be moving on
I’ll just keep fighting and I won’t give up until the end

Do you know I’m still waiting for you?
Nothing can change what we have been through
Together, we will overcome this; you don’t have to worry
We will stay strong and make them see

Repeat Chorus

My heart is beating faster and faster
My heart is beating faster and faster
My heart is beating faster and faster
My heart is beating faster and faster


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2009-12-06 Baek Ji Young – Ijji Marayo (Don’t Forget) [English Version]

3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. iaimusic  |  December 11, 2009 at 3:40 pm

    Ah, nice! I’m a fairly new fan of 2PM, I recently got into their music by this song, and it’s one of my faves! So I’m glad you made a English version!

    Good job! I think “HOTTEST” (I think that’s their fanclub name) could def. relate to this song regarding Jaebum, too.

    • 2. wackycashew  |  December 11, 2009 at 3:56 pm

      Haha… Thanks! You’re a new fan? Hey, would you like to join the map project I’ve got going on? *points to icon on right sidebar* XD It took me some time with this one. I kept wanting to do it since the sentiments would be perfect for Jay’s situation. But then the rap part “scared” me a bit since it’s so long. =P After a while, I decided to tackle it since I’m working on the map project and adding some things on the side to send to Jay and the 2PM boys. ^^

      I’ve been writing/doing a lot of 2PM stuff and most of them are related to Jay. *lol*

  • 3. iaimusic  |  December 15, 2009 at 2:21 pm

    Oh, surely I sign the map! I’ll need to register a new email since myway [dot] com isn’t acting properly. But I’ll be sure to do so before the deadline!


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