2AM’s Seulong holding my message for Samsung Campaign

April 17, 2010 at 9:07 pm 17 comments

On Sunday, the 2AM boys were doing a photoshoot for Samsung Campaign. @samsungcampaign on Twitter had asked fans to RT their tweet & also submit messages for 2AM to them. I was one of the 4 lucky fans who ended up having a member holding up her message on 2010-04-11! Wanjun daebak!! *grins*

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2010-04-06 Autographed Brian Manifold Album

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  • 1. jun~  |  April 18, 2010 at 12:15 am

    You’re so lucky *-*

    • 2. wackycashew  |  April 18, 2010 at 1:57 pm

      Thanks, Jun! I couldn’t believe it! XD

  • 3. ph@n  |  April 18, 2010 at 4:12 am

    are you having a heart attack, because i am jux looking at it!!

    • 4. wackycashew  |  April 18, 2010 at 1:58 pm

      Haha… I think I’ve been having heart attacks all week. It’s just been an amazing week with Ongie and Brian!! 😀

  • 5. sullo  |  April 23, 2010 at 9:47 am

    you are Sooo lucky Lisa ^^

    • 6. wackycashew  |  April 23, 2010 at 9:27 pm

      Thanks, Sullo. I do feel very lucky indeed. Keke~

  • 7. Sherry  |  April 23, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    lol you seem to be having all the luck in the world! that’s great! congrats again =P

    • 8. wackycashew  |  April 23, 2010 at 9:35 pm

      Thanks, Sherry! I’ve gotta admit it’s been a very lucky April for me. XD

  • 9. Cissy  |  April 24, 2010 at 5:54 pm

    On a side note, I like your handwritting keke -sorry, random xP It’s getting late over here ^^-
    Do you think he understood though? -stupid question-
    Wa, you ARE lucky .. But you know what?! You deserve it, more than anyone else ^^ … And I mean it!!!!
    I wonder if the end of April will be even luckier for you!! That would be like WOW!

    • 10. wackycashew  |  April 24, 2010 at 6:28 pm

      Heya Cissy!!

      Thank you!! As for the handwriting, if you mean the notepad he’s holding, that’s not mine. The Samsung Campaign staff wrote all those messages. ^^ I just tweeted mine to the Samsung Campaign account.

      Ummm… I think they can probably understand some English. Judging by Kwon’s level of English, I think his comprehension is quite good. I think they just lack practice with the language. But if they’re in university, they must have studied a bit of English, I think? XD I purposely kept my message very simple. =P

      Awww… Thanks for being so sweet to say that. =D

      Well, I just got another MySpace reply from Brian. So yes, I’m feeling very lucky. 😛 I will never forget April 2010. Heehee~ ❤

  • 11. Cissy  |  April 25, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    Ahhhh, not your handwritting xP
    Oh well, is a nice handwritting nevertheless -nah nah, I’m not jealous at all xP I absolutely don’t have a terrible handwritting no matter the alphabeat erg-
    Keke, yeah, I do believe that they probably understood OoO. Yeah, that’s probably it, since they dont get to practice all that much, they might not be very confident when it comes to talking … Hopefully they’ll get to practice some English when they tour the States with JYP ^^, even if I doubt that they will ..
    Well, I guess that you’re right, but honestly, if Korea is anything like France -I do doubt that though- I’ve been to a few English classes at university -just a few, cause my teacher told me not to come after realizing that my mother tongue was English- and being at uni doesn’t mean that you master even a little bit English, I was shocked by how poor the English skills of the average student was!!! But then, the French are notorious for their poor language skills so my experience might not be all that relevant ..

    I mean it 😉

    Ouhhh, did he just like answer or did he realize that you were the woman he talked to on the phone? -I dont’ mean woman as in ahjumma, but since I’m younger than you I don’t wanna sound rude by saying ‘girl’-
    Did he get your package?!
    I bet you won’t keke ^^

    • 12. wackycashew  |  April 25, 2010 at 12:36 pm

      My handwriting looks like this: XD

      Or you can see my Teddy Bear Project blog post… Haha…

      Ummm hmmm… Learning a language needs actual practice and the boys really don’t get that in Korea. I hope they will be brave to try. Kwonnie did pretty well even with just Fahim and Khunnie. At least he spoke much more than Gain. =P Keke~

      Oh, I see… But I get what you mean. When I went to Korea, the youth really didn’t speak any English. I was so surprised since I thought it’s a subject they’d learn in school. But even basic stuff, they found it difficult to understand. Only adults or some university students seem to understand English. =P

      Oh, he knows who I am. I’ve been a long-time fan of his. So, he knows it’s me. 😉 Keke~ There aren’t that many “Wacky Cashew”s around. *LOL* Haha… No worries. And feel free to call me unni. ^^
      Yup, he’s gotten my package. He messaged me to let me know he loves the gifts. He’s even using the water bottle I sent him. *giggles*

  • 13. Cissy  |  April 26, 2010 at 3:03 pm

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I hadnt noticed that my internet had gone off when I pushed the send button erg >.< …

    *spazzing over 2AM*
    You know what? I'm even jealous of your handwritting … I wish that I could write neatly like you … No matter the language or even the alphabeat, my handwritting's terrible -worse than most guys OoO- .. But then, I'm the only one to blame since I don't TRY to write nicely.

    Teddy Bear? *glances at her teddy bear* okay, I'll go check that out xP

    On a side note, since I'm listenning to it right now, have you heard Dumbfoundead's song with Clara and Jay?

    Yeah, practice is the key to mastering a language .. Even though English's my mothertongue, since I don't get to practice my spoken English all that much no more, I can feel it fade away, and it's so frustrating.
    So I do hope that the boys will get to show off their skills keke ^^ .. Maybe by interacting with the fans? I don't know if they'll be allowed though .. A little bit maybe?
    I think that the staff for the concerts are gonna be Koreans though and if not, they'll probably communicate in Korean eitherway around …
    Yup, Kwonnie did do well ^^ .. I'm sure that 6 months in the States speaking nothing but English and he's fluent ^^
    The episode with Fahim was epic ^^ .. When he finally said something in Korean, their faces were priceless keke
    And about GaIn .. I think that she impersonates what most Koreans think, or at least what they feel. Honestly, there aren't that many Westerns in Korea. So, they are still kinda scared I think of foreigners. Like Math for a lot of ppz. It takes a lot of courage to step past the initial fear of well pretty much an 'odd' and different culture. And since Westerns are still pretty rare in Korea, it makes it even harder .. I mean, even hear were Asians are all over the place, I still have a lot of Westerns around me who know nothin' about Asia and consider us as 'weird creatures' .. I think I kinda lost my point here xP Sorry, I tend to get a little carried away from time to time xP

    Well, I was told by some Koreans/Japaneses here in Paris that actually, well, they do study English at school, but they dont practice speaking all that much. They do a lot of translations, pretty much written stuff. So, usually, when they hear someone speak English, they panic maybe, or just don't even try to understand. So, if you want to be understood, usually, if you write it down, it helps. Or so I was told ^^
    Yeah!! From the little English I've heard from Korean adults on tv shows, I was impressed by their English. Even though they sometimes pretend to suck at English, I think that some of them are actually pretty good at it. They sometimes spit out some words and I go like: What? I ain't even sure I know how to say that in France OoO!!!

    Oh! Honestly, I have a whole lot of respect from artists who keep in touch with their fans ^^
    Keke, yeah, Wacky Cashew, not common indeed ^^. But it's good though, it's better than JayXBrian1928 -no offence meant, but I tend to find those names kind of .. not all that original?-
    Okay Unnie ^^
    Oh, that is so sweet of him, sending you a message to tell you that he got it ^^. What did you send him?
    Well, you know what they say? That the only way to win a man's heart is through his stomach xP

    Oh, and thank you for taking the time to answer Unnie ~~

    • 14. wackycashew  |  April 28, 2010 at 3:23 pm

      Haha… You’re so funny, Cissy. =P

      Oh, I’ve definitely heard the Clouds collab. Got it on repeat! 😛 Sooo awesome–all 3 of ’em!! ^^V

      Ah… I see, I see. You’re probably surrounded by French, so not much of an opportunity to speak English, right? =) As for the boys interacting with fans, I guess it will depend on their mood and how strict their managers are? I’m not too familiar with their managers. I just know some groups’ managers can be quite “mean” to fans. >. o.O;;; Heehee…

      Haha… Definitely! Because artists who keep in touch with their fans are like a rare species. XDDD Yeah, I’m quite happy with my unique and memorable nickname. =P Keke~

      Yeah, he replied to let me know that he got it. So sweet of him. Probably cuz I’d ask him when I got to talk to him on the phone. So, the next day, he went to his office to check. Haha… ❤ Oh, the main gifts were a photobook with fans' works & message + water bottles with a Brian imprint for him and staff/friends. I sent along some side gifts as well. You can check them out by clicking on that big Brian avatar/icon thingy on the right side near the top. 😀
      Hahaha… That saying is so true! I know Brian loves Italian food… 😉 You're very welcome, Cissy, 'saeng!!

  • 15. Cissy  |  April 29, 2010 at 11:48 am

    Ah wow, I hadn’t noticed how my previous msg had turned into a not so short msg xP Sorry

    It’s the very first time someone has told me that I was funny OoO!!!

    I’ve also got it on repeat xP
    Well, I’m a big fan of Dumbfoundead, and I know Clara, well, I’d never heard any of her songs, but I knew her name. So when I heard that they’d be doing a collab, I was like OOOOOOOOOOOOO. And I’m glad that I wasn’t disappointed keke
    And I just cannot wait for Hype Natioooooooooooon!! I mean, B2K’s like my youth, well, no, my childhood so ^^

    Yup, surrounded by French >..< …
    But then, my French isn't that good either. Cause .. Well, how should I put this. Even though I've been speaking French ever since I was a kid, I only started properly learning it at school when I was 9. I couldn't properly read in French up until I was like 12, and let's not even talk about writting. And also, when I was 12, I went abroad for highschool, where I mainly spoke English. So even though my French is sort of good since I live in France and I've been studying solely in French for the past 3 years and a half, recently, since the beginning of this year more or less, I've been losing my French again. I mean, it never was that good in the first place, but I usually always find a way of speaking my mind even though it might not be all that correct, grammar-wise. But nowadays, sometimes I just really don't remember AT ALL how to say it in French, like complicated sentences. Since, I've been learning Korean, and I study Korean quite a lote, and other than at, on the Internet or with my bro or my Dad, and a lot of my friends, I use English. And since I study Math at university, it doesn't really matter whether it's French or English. So on the whole, I don't use all that much French either … I'm just a .. melting pot?

    Well, I guess that you can say that managers are in a way mean to fans .. But then, if you put yourself in their shoes:
    gotta get the boys to check in
    teenage girls screaming
    high adrenaline
    pressure cause of the time
    and then all of a sudden, this squealing girl comes running at ya? A regular human being would usually react fairly violently. But then, people, the media, the fans make a huge deal out of it cause it's a manager .. And, yes, given that they're professionals and all of that, they probably should restrain their fists, but I don't think that you can blame them all that much ..
    And about the whole no-picture thing .. I guess that they're just following orders?
    Not saying that hitting a fan is forgivable, just saying that it just doesn't add up to the mean ajusshi hitting a high schooler .. But then, I tend to be too rational xP

    Well, also, I noticed in Kpop, I'm not hating or anything, but a lot of idols tend to .. How should I put this .. If you become a singer, it should be cause you love music right? Well, seems to me like a lot of those idols out there aren't doing it outta love for music ..
    And, I think that what makes an artist keep in touch with their fans is that they are grateful that someone loves their CRAFT .. Whereas a lot of idols are grateful that someone loves well .. them?
    I don't know if I've made my point very clear xP

    Ohhhhh ~~~~~~ That is just soo soo sweet ^^
    So, you've never like met him? I mean, talked to him in person?
    Okay, I'll go click on the big Brian avatar xP
    What got you into Brian in the first place?

    Do you know how to cook Italian food? xP

    Ahhh, I was just about to click on the send button .. Let's copy and save this first xP

    • 16. wackycashew  |  April 29, 2010 at 3:10 pm

      Haha… These comments are like e-mails… XD

      Really? Kekeke…

      I see, I see. I only know of Dumbfoundead through Epik High’s music and have always thought that he’s pretty cool. I only got to know who Clara is recently cuz of Jay’s Rutgers gig. She has a really great voice! So, I’m very happy about the collab and the track with the rap/lyrics and melody and beats, well, everything really, is just amazing! =D Oh, I am definitely very hyped about Hype Nation! 😛 I can’t wait to see it in the theatre and get the DVD and OST and stuff… I’m not all that familiar with B2K. I’ve probably heard of them, but I don’t know too much about them. Or maybe I just need my memory refreshed cuz I’ve kinda out of touch with the American music scene for a while. XD

      Phew… You sure have a lot going on. I guess I can relate a bit… I’m Chinese and after coming to Canada, I still went to Chinese school once a week and I speak it at home. But obviously, due to the fact that I’m immersed in English, I would get to speak English more. So, now I can express my thoughts better in English. My Chinese is kinda rusty now, especially writing. =P Wow, you’re learning Korean? I haven’t had the chance to do that yet though I’d love to. I’m just picking up odd words here and there when I watch shows or listen to the songs. =P Heehee… I get excited when I can understand a new word, and at times, some words are similar to Chinese. So, that helps me remember them better. ^^

      Yes, I can understand that the managers are just trying to protect the singers. As long as they don’t assault the fans, I think it’s fine. I know at times it’s the fans’ fault as well for getting too close to the idols and touching them in unspeakable places, like pinching their butt or whatever. >.< What's up with that? Anyway, since I'm older than those teenage girls, I don't behave in the same manner. *LOL* I think the fans should give the artists some space and the managers shouldn't get too physical. Really need to learn to respect everybody, fan, artist, or manager. Yeah, usually if no pics are allowed, it's probably cuz the managers/company said so.

      Oh yes, I totally get what you mean. You can tell which ones are NOT in it for the music and it's all about the fame and money. =X You'd think that if they chose to pursue this as a profession, then they must love what they do. While that can be true, it doesn't mean that they don't love the popularity and lucrative deals either. That's why some who are not well-grounded or truly passionate about what they do lose sight of where they're headed…

      Brian is DEFINITELY someone who appreciates fans because of his music. He loves what he gets to do and he's really thankful because he knows it's the fans who make that possible. Honestly, if an artist does not have any fans, he/she can't really go far in the industry. I'm just a bit sad that Brian seems so underrated compared to the new acts even though he's a veteran in the industry with over 10 years of experience under his belt. Then again, I guess when they started as Fly to the Sky, they weren't nearly quite as well marketed as other groups around that time within SM. So, their talents were overlooked. =(

      Ummm… When I went to Korea, I got to see him. I never officially met him as in getting to chat with him in person for a bit of time. I got to say Hi to him after a Super Junior Kiss The Radio's recording and he said Hi back. But it was really quick and I'd doubt he would remember it even though he did study my big Wacky Cashew sign. *LOL* So, yeah, I really hope I can meet him in person to actually talk to him. He also said that he wants to meet me so that he can thank me in person. He's so sweet. ❤

      In the first place? Wow… That was around 6 years ago. I got into kpop through Shinhwa (I love Hyesung's voice!) and started to check out other groups and came across FTTS. That was during their 4th album times with songs like Habit (Poison Ivy) and Missing You… I think it was the songs that attracted me to the duo. And somehow I felt drawn to Brian. I like his clear voice (more than Hwanhee's deep vocals though I know most people would probably favour Hwanhee), his fun and friendly personality, the fact that he speaks English… Haha… I don't know why exactly and don't really remember what happened. I just knew that this is a very talented duo and over time, I learned how funny and caring he is and really started to follow him. And then in Thanksgiving 2007, I did my first project for him because his former agent at Brothers Entertainment saw all these Brian/FTTS clips I post at soompi. The agent posted to ask fans to send DVDs to him of Brian/FTTS clips since Brian was heading back home to visit family for New Jersey. He also PMed me and I told him that I don't really have the means to burn DVDs, but because it's for Brian, I will try my best. So, in the end, I did manage to pull it off and burned 22 DVDs for Brian. It's for his mom really. She's so proud to have a son like him. ^^ Brian, in turn, recorded a short video and signed an autograph for me & took a pic with it in order to thank me. XD The video had no audio though. I don't know if the agent didn't turn on something while recording or what happened. But that pic was the first time that an artist I like signed an autograph for me. I was so surprised and touched by that. So, from that point on, I told myself that I will try to do something for Brian every year if possible. Since that was late 2007, I didn't do anything for 2008. Then in 2009 when I went to Korea, I did a small project for him on my own. This year with the release of Manifold, I decided to do something big for him along with fellow fans. Whew… Sorry… Long storry… XD

      Ummm… I know how to make pasta. But Brian probably makes it better. *LOL* I'm a bit better at cooking Chinese food? Hahaha…

      Oh yes, the select all & copy is a habit of mine as well… =P Keke…

      • 17. Cissy  |  May 8, 2010 at 11:25 am

        Like e-mails, yeah, indeed xP

        Well, B2K’s kinda .. old? xP. Not old, but there were out there quite a while ago. Heard of the movie You Got Served? It’s a dance movie.
        I'”m sure that you’ve heard some of their songs, but since they’ve disbanded like 10ish years ago, if you ain’t a hip hop fan, it’s normal that you don’t know ’em ^^

        Honestly, don’t worry about your writting in Chinese not being all that good. I mean, the writting is INSANEEEEE!!! As long as you can communicate and express your thoughts decently, and understand over 75% of what’s said, then to me, it’s all good. But then, that’s just me xP … In order to feel a little less guilty at my lack of decent mastering of both English and French.
        Yeah, I am learning Korean ^^ .. It’s a very nice language to learn, more entertaining than Japanese. I’m a curious person, so I hate hearing something that I don’t understand at least a little bit ^^
        Well, believe me, keep on doing that. Cause I know that understand a little bit Korean when I first started taking classes really did help me ^^ .. I’m speaking as thought I’m like an expert when I started what 6 months ago keke

        Well, believe, I’m the same age as those fans and I still aint get it … Just cause your crabbed your idol’s ass doesn’t mean that you’re somewhat closer to him >.< …
        But then, when it comes to those, it's hormones and emotions, so it's hard to keep everything respectful, both from the fan's side and the manager's side ..

        I think that even if you're passionate about music, believe me, money can really get to your head.
        Ever since I was a kid, music has always been my one and only dream. But as I went to highschool, since I was 'destined' to go to Harvard or something, I convinced myself that I should give up on music, telling myself that money, a stable job, studies and everything were better. All of that while having more allowances than I could spend. And I believed it, sort of, for a while. Until something got me back on track and made me realize how blind I had been … My point being that no matter how much you love something, it's very easy in life to stray from the path you originally wanted to take, and that sometimes you need a wake-up call. But if you have fame and money, that wake-up call is harder to get ^^

        I don't know if it's Fly To The Sky's talent that was overlooked, or just Brian's in a way? Cause from what's I've seen and heard, Hwanhee's always been praised for his voice .. But then, if you don't dance yet aren't quite a 'ballad' singer, it's hard to make it big .. But, in Korea, FTTS is quite a respected name though, I think that our persepective from the outside is a little .. biased maybe? I think that international fans don't pay as much attention to FTTS and Brian cause they're older, don't dance all that much -well, Brian does- but like, since they're part of the previous generation of idols, well they might not be that popular amongst international fans .. I mean, Shinhwa, HOT, GOD aren't all that popular oversees either, yet they are living legends in Korea … Let's not even talk about Seotaji ^^

        Well, I do hope that you'll get to meet him very very soon keke ^^
        .. He is looking for a wife after all xP
        -sorry, couldn't help it xP-

        Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so cool .. It's like .. destiny? in a way xP
        For his Mum, it's so sweet ~~
        Too bad in didn't have audio though ..
        No, seriously, it really is fate or something keke. That's a really cool story you know OoO

        Better at cooking Chinese food? No really?! xP

        Can I ask you a question … What's your stand on 2PM? I have my take on what your stand is, but I just want to make sure xP
        It's a sensitive matter so don't feel like you have to answer me or something ^^


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