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Brian SIGNED Manifold CD & Posters Giveaway


I tried to pick the winners based on the set criteria of thoughtfulness/creativity/uniqueness/humour. These 6 winners’ entries stood out to me because they were special or made me laugh in terms of what they’ll do to cheer Brian up. XD I purposely asked you guys to answer this question so I could put something together for Brian when he needs some cheering up. ^^ There were A LOT of wonderful entries and it was seriously very hard to narrow down the final 6!! =P I’m really touched that you guys took the time to do this for Brian, and I’m sure he’d be grateful as well. May we continue to walk alongside him as we show him love and support. ^^ Thanks to everyone’s participation in this giveaway!! Love you guys!! ❤


Jina (
If Brian was feeling down, I would bring him to walk along a quiet beach, gazing over the oceans. I want him to scream at the top of his lungs and let the waves bring his troubles away. As the night falls, I would bring him to a place lighted with candles to bring some warmth to him. I would write “I LOVE BRIAN” on the sand and say it out loud. We would play with sparklers, eat some snacks, and chat till dawn comes and watch the beautiful sunrise. I would end it by saying a prayer with him, and that GOD has better plans for him.

Ava Vandenbosch @vitagentava
If Brian was feeling down, I would treat him out to his favorite ice cream store and give him a small gift to cheer him up. I would start the day by being an attentive listener, providing care and concern for his sorrows. Afterwards, we could then go watch a funny movie together to lighten up his mood, something like “Vampires Suck.” Then, we can go on a late night trip to the beach for a grunion run, which will definitely make him laugh because me catching fish is just simply hilarious. Lastly, we could run miles and miles in the pitch dark screaming to let our souls revive again.

DeDe @Super_dede
If Brian was feeling down, I would start dancing to girls’ songs (haha) and make a rap. I think the best way to make someone feel better is to help the person release his sad feelings; therefore, I would take Brian to a beach and give him a note and bottle. I would tell him to write his sadness on the note and put it in the bottle and let it flow with the water. Afterwards, we can go karaoke and dance to girls’ songs. BUAHAHA…

Sylvia T. @SwtLollipop
If Brian was feeling down, I would
first buy a HUGE lollipop that’s the size of his head for him. 😀 Then, I’ll paint my face, put on an afro, wear some colorful pajamas, two different colorful shoes, and finally, stick a medium-sized tomato on my nose so that I’ll look like a clown~ I’ll do some funny dances and sing his songs in some kind of funny accent or in a chipmunk voice!! Hopefully, he will be a little cheered up by then, so I’ll paint HIS face too and encourage him to take sticky photos with me, both of us looking like clowns. 😀

DaQuan @DQmusic3
If Brian was feeling down, first, I would listen to his problems and try to give him some advice. Then, I would tell how I believe that he could get through it. “Brian, I know you’re feeling down but you will definitely get through this and come out stronger. I have been a fan of yours for almost 5 years now, and I know how much you’ve been through. Through all the good and bad times as you had as FTTS and all of it after during the start of your solo career. Trust me, I have faith in you.” That’s what I would say to him. =)

Miza Marali
If Brian was feeling down, I would drive him to somewhere relaxing, be it a beach, on top of a hill or even to a park. I would suggest a picnic outing and then prepare a surprise meal for him. If he is still feeling down, I would turn up the Brian’s music on my iPod up loud just to tease him. I’ll play it so loudly and sing along to it loudly, badly, and off-key right in front of him. Brian must be thinking I’m a total nut, but I guarantee he will laugh and not feeling down-er anymore. I would assure that I will always be there for him.

Jina, Ava, DeDe, Sylvia, DaQuan, Miza, please email your address to me ASAP at: brianjoocanada[at] ^^

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Grand Prize
1 x [Signed copy of Manifold CD]

Other Prizes
5 x [Manifold Poster (folded)]

I had promised that I would do something special once we’ve hit 500 followers/fans on my Brian fans Twitter/Facebook. We surpassed that mark long ago on Twitter, but have just recently reached that milestone on Facebook. So, this is my way of thanking you guys for your support of Brian and me. ^^V

This giveaway was made possible due to the generosity of my friend from Japan @MIDORI_JAPAN! Upon learning that she was attending Brian’s event in Japan back on July 24th, I had asked her to get me the penlight that was only being sold at the event. Lo and behold, she got me a BUNCH of other Brian and Fly to the Sky goodies!! I was really touched. <333 She guessed that I already had the poster, which I did, so she said I could give them to friends. But she didn’t know I already had a signed copy of Manifold. I had asked a friend from Thailand to get me a copy of Manifold so I can get the free poster since she is currently studying in Korea. And she had gotten it signed at an autograph session, which was addressed to me. Since I don’t need two signed copies of Manifold, I decided that I would give this one away along with the posters. =D

This is strictly a giveaway advertised on my Twitter/Facebook! =P So, you need to have a Twitter/Facebook account. Information is posted here for convenience in viewing.


On Twitter, follow:
@Brianjoomuzik (This is Brian’s REAL account!! Show him some love!! ^^V)
@brianjoo110 (This is my fan account for Brian fans, which Brian knows about & follows!! XD)

On Facebook, Like: (This is my fan page, which Brian Likes!! =P)

COMMENT on this blog post by ANSWERING the following question:
If Brian was feeling down, what would you do to cheer him up?

110 words in total including the phrase “If Brian was feeling down, I would…

Twitter and/or Facebook:
If Brian was feeling down, I would…
(Type your Name and Twitter/Facebook in the comment so I don’t need to hover over the hyperlink to get the info to edit into your comment. Please save me the work. ^^V)

6 winners will be chosen (1 for the signed CD + 5 for the posters) based on thoughtfulness/creativity/uniqueness/humour of comment.
I will decide the winners after reviewing all the comments.
Winners will be contacted via Direct Message on Twitter (from @brianjoo110) or Personal Message on Facebook (from Wacky Cashew).

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 – 11:59pm EST

*For Facebook accounts, you can put the direct link to your profile/your email/your full name. Just make sure I can find you if you happen to win.
*Be specific in what you would do. Details matter.
*All comments must be PG-13. Don’t use tasteless humour.
*All comments exceeding the word limit will be ignored.
*All comments submitted after the deadline will be disregarded.
*To save on shipping (which is expensive), I will send the posters folded.
*Emoticons do NOT count as words, but please don’t go overboard with them.
*Do not use short forms in place of words. (Example: Don’t put “ILY” for “I love you”, which counts as 3 words.)
*If you submitted a comment and it’s not showing up, it might have gone to my spam. You don’t need to post multiple times. Just check back later to see if your comment is there.
*Even if you ALREADY have a signed copy of Manifold or a poster, please join!! I will do something with the comments. ^^ Just indicate you have the CD/poster already so you won’t be included in the giveaway. =)

By the way, I’ll be launching Brian’s birthday project in September. So, keep an eye out for it!! 😛

Go under the cut for CD pics & view a video here to see what the inside is like (put together for a previous giveaway)!!



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Brian Manifold Project (2010)

Here’s the project compiled. I didn’t include pics of the photobook since that’s already part of the project video. ^^ Besides the photobook, I also sent along some side gifts and a care pack with 10 types of items for Brian. 😛 Hope he’ll like everything! Heehee~ He knows the package is on its way and will keep an eye out for it. XD

For the care pack, I wrote short rhymes because I saw Brian reciting his own poem on “Quiz to Change the World” and penning his own lyrics for that Christmas Wishes collab with other artists. =P Then, I decided to do the same for the other gifts. Hope he’ll find it amusing to read. =D Keke~

EDIT: Brian has messaged me to let me know that he has received the package and told me that he loves the photobook and water bottles. ^^ Thanks again, everyone!


Click on thumbnail for full size:


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Wacky Cashew’s Brian Photobook Project Video

Here is what the complete photobook for Brian looks like! 😛 You can check out the details in my video description. Please view & comment on the YouTube link. I’ll be messaging Brian with the link, so I hope it doesn’t look too sad with a lack of views and comments. *lol* Thanks so much!!
*reuploaded to my new YouTube

April 3, 2010 at 8:35 pm 4 comments

Wacky Cashew – Who I Am (Brian’s Tears Run Dry English cover) Video

Haven’t done this kinda recording in ages, but decided to do it for Brian since this is a major project for him. 😛 I sang the English lyrics that I wrote for this song and decided to use my Korea trip pics for the vid so it wouldn’t be so boring. Heehee~ XD
*reuploaded to my new YouTube

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The Most Fly

by Lisa Tang

A slight scent catches my attention and my eyes are drawn to you. A quick glance tells me that you are the one that I have been dreaming of all along. As you walk on, my eyes trail after your crimson red dress. Never before have I believed in love at first sight. But now, I can’t deny the feelings of my heart. I inch forward a couple of steps but feel dizzy all of a sudden. I can’t see anything. And I can’t hear anything either. What’s going on? This is so weird… I wobble slightly, somehow feeling weak. I try to grab a hold of something but only feel myself flailing. What should I do? What should I do?

I sturdy myself and shake my head a few times. My eyes search for you in the crowd, but you have already dashed out of sight. Flashes of you appear in my head… I can’t help but just think of you because you are all that fills my mind… I know that you have to be the one. Though it feels as if it can’t be true, I know that you’re the one. You must be the one.

From then on, I start to hang out in the same area, hoping for the chance to see you again. My longing for you drives me so crazy and makes me so possessive. I only want you for myself. I don’t understand why I’m becoming this way. All I can think of is you… In my head, it’s only you… Though I feel jaded by these thoughts of you, I can’t bring myself to stop. For some reason, you’re breathing in my heart and in my heart is where you reside. With every beat of my heart, I sense you within.

Days pass and one late afternoon, I finally spot you walking in the distance towards the same spot that I had initially seen you. Dressed in a chic turquoise jacket with a black crop top, I find myself mesmerized by you. The sheer sight of you halts me in my steps and puts me in a trance. I notice the countless guys that are surrounding you and giving me the evil eye. Instead of darting away, I meet their cold gaze without flinching. Frankly, I want to show them that they ain’t got no chance with you. Why? Because you’re mine. So, I boldly state, “Y’all listen up! Starting today, she’s my girl. So, y’all better step aside.”

Surprised, you smile and saunter towards me. “So, you’re my man, eh?”

In one swift motion, I pull you close to me and whisper in your ear, “You’d bet.”

You draw back your tresses and give me a once-over. Decked out in leather and a white tee, I have no doubt that I’m the most fly guy out of the lot who was hanging around you. My fate with you is sealed and I can finally put the turmoil in my head to rest.

*Inspired by In My Head – the song lyrics & music video

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Lock Me Up (2010)

This is the graphic that I made to include in the photobook for Brian. ^^ Reduced to wallie size.

Click on thumbnail for full size:

Lock Me Up

by Lisa Tang

There’s no one else for you but me
You knew this right from the start
So baby, please just come back to me
You hold the key to my heart

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The Hunted

by Lisa Tang

You’ve missed; I’m dodging the bullet
You can’t hit me; I’m not an easy target

Engulfed in gunpowder
I make a prediction
No matter where you aim
You won’t alter my configuration

Time stands still
I suppress my pounding heart
My mind slowly goes blank
But I know it’s you I must outsmart

I turn around and dash off
I can’t breathe, but it’s all right
As long as I don’t get fooled by your guise
As long as I dodge your bullets with all my might

You were hoping I’d cling onto you
You were hoping I’d beg you to come back
But alas, you were so wrong
There’s no way I would return to the same track

You are a man eater
Danger is your alias
My heart is bursting; my head seems empty
But you won’t find me within your radius

It’s not safe here
As you keep pulling the trigger
Gotta keep my guard up
As I keep enduring this rigour

If you expect me to commit
You oughta know it’s a joke
You ain’t the one for me
If only you’d go Poof! like the smoke

A searing pain halts me in mid-stride
My legs are about to give up
My heart says I must will myself onward
But then, my mind decides to interrupt

Let’s end this once and for all
Just let me go and I’ll do the same
Put away the pistol and cease this madness
I no longer wanna be your game

*Inspired by Bullet

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