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Hwanhee – Barami Doeeoseorado (Even If Becoming Wind) [English Version]

No Matter What
*From “Road Number One” drama OST

Lyrics by: Lisa Tang

Though we have to part, it’s just for a short while
I know in this world, there’s no one else but you
Do you think you can wait for me to return?
Or do you think I’m asking for too much?

You know you’re the reason I live
I will hold on to you
Until the day we meet once again

Don’t you ever doubt the love that I have for you
Deep within my heart, I will keep a place for you
Whenever you feel I’m far away
Just think of all the times we’ve shared
I hope that it would ease the pain that’s in your heart

Everything I do, it’s all because of you
To protect you from the harm this war may bring
Please just wait for me; I will surely fulfill
The promise that was made since we were young

Please believe in me when I say
Have faith now and always
Nothing, no one can tear us apart

Repeat Chorus 1

You may think that I am just leaving you behind
But this is what I must do so that you can live
Don’t let yourself turn to someone else
I’ll be back; I’ll keep my word
Find it within yourself the strength to carry on

No matter how much time
No matter how much pain
No matter what, my love, believe in us


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Brian – Hyu (Rest) [English Version]

Believe In Us
*From “Definitely Neighbours” drama OST

Lyrics by: Lisa Tang

Written to express the love of international fans for Brian! My 100th song lyrics!! Dedicated to Brian & fans~ ^^

Every moment spent with you
Is a beautiful memory
You’ve shown time and again
How much we all mean to you

When the skies seem to be grey
In your heart, there’s only rain
You know you can lean on us

We will always be here
We promise to stay by your side

Anytime you need someone to listen
Call on us, we will be there; nothing can stop us
We will always protect you from any harm
Believe in us
Believe in us

Though we’re far away
Distance doesn’t mean a thing
‘Cause you can feel our love
No matter where we are from

Every corner of the world
There’s someone who knows your name
We all want the best for you

We just thank you so much
To us, you’re a gift from above

Repeat Chorus

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Gummy – Sarangeun Eobtda (Loveless) [English Version]

Love Is A Lie

Lyrics by: Lisa Tang

When you have been hurt so many times
There comes a time that you
Need to make a change     Ohhh…

You should not be treated as someone less
Shouldn’t be someone you’re not
Ladies, listen up!

If you are not the one that he wants, then
He’s not the one that you want
So, if he wants, just let him go

Even if you have no love
And your world’s falling apart
Better to leave him behind (Last time: Better to just forget)
I know it hurts

You keep asking what you did wrong
You keep wond’ring how to go on
You keep thinking why so much pain
When will it end?

You just need to know love is a lie

Hoh, no more drama

When you see the pattern once again
Don’t forget to protect yourself
You deserve better     Oh, oh, oh…

Don’t get fooled by all the sweet things he says
It’s just a ploy to capture you
Ladies, listen up!

You need to know how to love yourself and
I know that you (Yes!) are strong
Even if you end up being alone

Repeat Chorus

Oh… Oh…
Oh… Oh…
Oh… Oh…

Please trust me and shut the doors to your heart
No regrets, no more lies, no second thoughts
You know that he is not worth crying over

Repeat Chorus

All I know is that love is a lie     Ohhh…
In my heart, I know love is all dying

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Gummy – Because of You [English Version]

Lyrics by: Lisa Tang

I pick up the phone and I hear you on the line
You just don’t feel the same; it was all just a game
This is the end… This is the end…
Oh, not again

Am I not good enough? Did you even think twice?
Can you tell me where did things go wrong for us?
A part of me doesn’t want to let go
But you just don’t seem to care

Because of you, the tears fall endlessly inside
I can’t sleep, can’t do anything
All that is in my head
It’s you, it’s you, it’s you

Because of you, my heart breaks a lil’ more each day
I find it so hard to believe
You are truly gone
I cry, I cry, I cry because of you

How can I find the strength to go on like before?
How can I just pretend that it’s all okay?
I just lie to myself every day
But you just don’t seem to care

Repeat Chorus 1

I just want to hate you so much
I just want to forget it all
But somehow, I still think of you (because I love you)

From the beginning to the end
You have never loved me
I was the fool all along

Because of you, I don’t know how to love again
I don’t know why you had to leave
All that is on my mind
It’s you, it’s you, it’s you

Because of you, all of my days are filled with rain
And you move on just like that
I can’t help myself
I cry, I cry, I cry because of you

June 10, 2010 at 9:58 pm 2 comments

Gummy – Eoddeokhae (What Do I Do) [English Version]

What To Do
*From “The Housemaid” movie OST

Lyrics by: Lisa Tang

What to do? You’ve got the answer… What to do?
When you just walked away… What to do? What am I to do?
Nothing I could do would make you stay

You just leave… (you just leave) You have no words to say to me… (say to me)
I just don’t mean that much to you, and I never had
Why did you have to leave me this way?

I guess I must somehow find the strength to stand again
Even though all I feel is the endless pain
Who can help me? I don’t know
Who can I trust? I don’t know

Did you think it’d be so easy to forget?
I guess you didn’t care
No more love… No more tears… Only pain…

What to do? My heart’s missing you… What to do?
I want to hold you… What to do? What am I to do?
Nothing that I say could change your mind

In my heart… (in my heart) I wish you could just remember… (remember)
Even just one scene together, that’s enough for me
The one you’re searching for, I hope you’ll find

Repeat Chorus

You… Oh, I will watch you from afar
I’ll think of you from time to time
I really hope one day that I can just greet you with a smile
I know someday I will not hurt anymore

I won’t cry, I won’t cry, I’ll wipe all my tears
I must try, I must try, I’ll learn to let go

Repeat Chorus

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Gummy – Keuman Heheojyeo (Let’s Break Up) [English Version]

Let Us Say Good-bye

Lyrics by: Lisa Tang

I see it all now; I’ve heard everything
There was a time when I thought you were the one that I’ve longed for

But now I know it was a dream
You and I were just not meant to be
So, it’s best if we part our ways
I think now it’s time; let us say good-bye

Let us say good-bye
Let us say good-bye
Say good-bye
It’s time; let us say good-bye


I really thought we could last till the end of time, but now
I know, I know, now I know
I was just trying to fool myself in thinking, so please
Let go, let go, just let go

Please don’t keep on, keep on calling
Please just leave me, leave me alone
I’m sorry, but I just can’t see the path ahead of us
Please go, please go, please just go

All the memories, I’ll keep in my heart
But I hope that I can forget you so that I can move on

My heart can only take so much
I just want to love someone else
Someone who will love me for me
And that’s why it’s time; let us say good-bye

Repeat Chorus 1

If you say that you love me, it’s just no use
Too late, too late, too late
You should’ve known better when you still had the chance
Don’t wait, don’t wait, don’t wait

Let us say good-bye

I wish that you were not the one who gave me so much pain
Then we, then we may have last
Now, it’s just too late to turn back the hands of time because
It’s all, it’s all in the past

You know it was so hard for me
You know how much my heart was torn
Please just take all your tears with you; I’ll also dry my own
It’s time, it’s time, now it’s time

Let’s just stop this now

June 8, 2010 at 9:49 pm 7 comments

SS501 – Youngwontorok (Forever) [English Version]


Lyrics by: Lisa Tang

Baby, I know now
I knew from the first time we met
I have to be with you
Your eyes tell me that you feel the same way, too
A beautiful day
Just imagine this forever

I wanna be with you, my love
Every day, I promise you
You are the one who’s in my heart

I wanna love you forever
My heart lies bare for you to see
If you just breathe right by my side
Eternally… You know
How I love you
How I love you

I think you should know
You are the one who brings me joy
I want to tell you
That my love for you will not change at all
Please stay here next to me

Repeat Chorus 1

I pray that time will go on forever
So you’ll see my love will never end

*Now and always, I see only you
Now and always, I want to hold you
Now and always, I love only you
Let us bathe in happiness
Now and always, you’re the one for me (forever)
I feel blessed we’re together

CHORUS 2: (Repeat * x 2 in background)
I wanna be with you, my love
Every day, I promise you
You are the one who’s in my heart

I wanna love you forever
Through the valleys, I will be there
We can make it through anything
Believe in me, in us
And in our love

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