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Shin Hye Sung – Vitamin (2009-03-27)

I really thought he was gonna make it. DOH! XD Can’t believe he did a back somersault instead. I burst out laughing at this part… =P

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Shin Hye Sung – Star Golden Bell (2009-02-28)

Sungie oppa looks super cute doing the aegyu poses, and of course, his famous chopstick-breaking skills with his nose. *lol*

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Shin Hye Sung – Taekwondo in Nonstop 4’s episode with S (2003-11-04)

This was the first gif I’d ever made way way back… =D It’s from a clip with S starring in Nonstop 4. I was part of Shinhwa Sarang then; hence, the username SnoopyG. ^^

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Shin Hye Sung – Music Bank Comeback Waiting Room (2009-02-20)

This was just too cute not to make a gif of!! XD Sungie oppa’s such a kid!! *pinches cheeks* =P Keke~

March 18, 2009 at 6:03 pm Leave a comment

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