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The Story Behind WC Project (2010)

Here’s the unplanned project I put together for Brian, DJ Dorothy, and Arirang Radio Evening Groove. XD I didn’t expect to send something to Brian again so soon, but after our phone conversation, I decided to send him and DJ Dorothy a copy of “Letters from a Nut” along with the 16 wacky emails that I have written over the course of my university years in my spare time. =P I also wrote 2 new ones that are specially dedicated to Brian and Dorothy and included a short story. *LOL* I hope they won’t think I’m a weirdo. Keke~ Also got them some goodies on the side. ^^

Since the wacky emails were only shared with close friends, I haven’t thought about posting them up on this blog. I don’t even know if you guys would want to read them. Haha… If you do, then I’ll consider it. Or maybe I’ll just post #17 & #18. But the short story was posted here a while ago. =D

Everything has been safely delivered! ^^V


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Brian’s Birthday 2010

Drew this for Brian. ^^ I wanted to keep it simple with the red & black, much like his Manifold theme. XD The silhouettes are me “Wacky Cashew” and Brian. I used “LISA”, “LOVES”, “BRIAN” to make up the silhouettes and the heart. Heehee~ I’m thinking of including this in my photobook project for Brian. =P

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January 10, 2010 at 12:11 am 2 comments

One Day X’mas Project 2009

If you’re on Twitter, @JaySkyMsg & @projecthottest decided to organize a Christmas project for the One Day boys. ^^ All you need to do is write a message and take a pic holding it. You don’t need to show your face if you don’t want to. XD And just e-mail it to It’s that simple.

Here’s the scan of my doodle & message. XD Heehee~

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Letter for Kwon (2AM)

2OD organized a letter project for Kwonnie called “Healing Letters for Kwon” in light of the fact that he was diagnosed with swine flu. Though he has now recovered, we still want to deliver our messages of love. ^^ I decided to handwrite my letter and added some doodles. XD Heehee~

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Drawing for Jay (2PM)

We’re supposed to create a message and snap a picture of it for the project in addition to writing letters to Jay and JYP. I decided to do a drawing and scanned it for my submission. =P (I decided not to post the letters since they’re personal. XD)

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For the Jay Facebook Support Group, click here. Deadline for submitting letters is Sept. 16th 12:00am EST; they moved it up one day. You still have a few hours to go if you’d like to participate.

EDIT: 2009-09-17

Another support group is doing stickies (post-it notes) plus a slide show of our pics. So, you can leave a short 15-20 word message for them to write a sticky on your behalf and take a pic of yourself supporting Jay. =D

Sticky submission:
Night and day, spirits unswayed
Pouring out our hearts for our beloved Jay
We’ll always be here come what may
♥ Wacky Cashew / Toronto, Canada

For more details on this “stickies” group and both projects, click here. Deadline is Sept. 18th.

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Shin Hye Sung Pencil Sketch (2004)

I drew this way back on 2004-11-11. My first gasoo sketch! XD

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March 18, 2009 at 5:55 pm 4 comments

Brian’s Birthday 2009

Drew this for Brian. ^^ Decided to crop out background and replace with gradient since I used a white sheet of paper. XD

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January 10, 2009 at 1:27 pm 2 comments

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