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G-Dragon – Heartbreaker MV “Running Man” gif

AA-CHAN had a contest for the G-Dragon Heartbreaker album in 4 main categories: Image, Writing, Video/Audio, and Running Man. I submitted an entry for Writing and Running Man. Just found out yesterday that I won in the Running Man category with this gif. It was so unexpected!! XD *bounce bounce* Heehee~ I’m sooo excited that I’m gonna be getting G-D’s CD as my prize!! =D I’ve been splurging on some CDs lately, so it’s good that I won’t need to set aside $ for this one. I need to save up for some others instead. =P

AA-CHAN G-Dragon Heartbreaker CD Giveaway – Running Man Entry

I got the Heartbreaker album from Alex!! Woohoo!! *twirls*


October 6, 2009 at 6:19 pm 4 comments

G-Dragon feat. Kim Gun Mo – Gossip Man [English Version]

AA-CHAN G-Dragon Heartbreaker CD Giveaway – Writing Entry

I didn’t post this up earlier since I was waiting for the contest to be over. ^^ I didn’t win, but that’s ok. There was some strong competition. It’s the first time I’ve written such an extensive rap. Keke~ *lol*


Lyrics by: Lisa Tang

Emergency…ย  Emergency…ย  Emergency…ย  E-mer-gen-cy

Hey man! (Last time: He’s da man!)
What kinda gossip do you wanna hear today? (Last time: Oh… // Just ask him…)
I can serve up just what you want; I’m da man! (Last time: No no no no, not a lie)
– “What man?” (Last time: No no no)
Everybody, attention please
I am Gossip Man!

What’s up?
Ladies and gentlemen, ho!
They call me Gossip Man, you know
If you need to know the latest scandals
Who’s suing who? Breaking up? Holding hands?
Selling drugs? Getting surgery–waist, nose, lips, eyes? Driving under the influence?
Evading the military? Members saying good-bye? Performing a sexy dance?
Say who, say what?
No lies
I only tell you the truth
So, if there’s anything you’re dying to know
Call or text 1-800-GOSSIP-MAN
Or click triple W GossipMan dot com
I can handle endless amounts of gossip, yeah
I do what I do cuz I am gifted
I ain’t bluffing; you’d better believe it

*Because you’re cool, cool
Yes, I am cool, cool
Gossip is my specialty
I’ve got ’em superpowers
Yeah, joinin’ the ranks of all the others cuz I’m just as good as
Say Superman, Batman, and more; XO, Gossip Man

Repeat Chorus

What’s up at school? What’s up at work? What’s up at home? Just come and ask me
VCD, radio, MP3, hot news, magazine, TV
Just how many girl groups are out there?
If you’ve lost count, you’re not alone
I, for one, thought f(x) was something you’d learn in math [“f(x)” pronounced as “f at x”]
But it’s a new SM group by the name of “effects”
Wonder Girls, SoShi, 2NE1, Twiny, T-ara
Black Pearl, 4Minute, DaVichi, and KARA
Brown Eyed Girls, Jewelry, Ten, SeeYa (yes)
At times, my head hurts with all this info
But it’s my duty just to let y’all know
Your hand, do your thang
Call, text, click, I’ll do my thang

Repeat *, Chorus

Hey now, just what are you doin’ to him?
Take him away and the world will grow very dim
It’s him you should thank (ay)
He’s just trying to help (ay)
Unblock his site, uncuff his hands
Go on, oh, let him go

Repeat Chorus

Alright, I’m done yo!
What’s my name?
Say Gossip Man (heh heh)
You know what it is
Everybody, attention please
I am Gossip Man!

October 6, 2009 at 6:16 pm 2 comments

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