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Wacky Cashew – Who I Am (Brian’s Tears Run Dry English cover) Video

Haven’t done this kinda recording in ages, but decided to do it for Brian since this is a major project for him. 😛 I sang the English lyrics that I wrote for this song and decided to use my Korea trip pics for the vid so it wouldn’t be so boring. Heehee~ XD
*reuploaded to my new YouTube


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Dong Bang Shin Ki – Mideoyo (Believe) [English Version]

We Believe

Lyrics by: Lisa Tang

Written as part of a special project to express the love of international fans for Dong Bang Shin Ki!

Audio recording:

Boys, let us show you that our love is real
We’ve given all our love to you
Please trust us

We believe
You can do anything if you just believe
Even though things may be a little tough at times
You may feel that your faith gets a little weak
And you don’t know what to do

Don’t be scared
When you gaze at all the uncertainties ahead
There is one thing you can always be sure of
The pearl red spirit will never grow dim
And let us tell you now

We believe in you
And we know you’ll find the strength to carry on
For when the five of you are united as one,
You will always remain strong
Even amidst the darkness, you will see the light,
We know that you will make it through
Our love for you will stand the test of time
As we grow along with you
For we…

Love you so
We will always be here through your ups and downs
Even though you may find it hard to believe at times
How can our love for you be so deep and strong?
It’s unconditional

Don’t give up
No matter what happens, we’ll be right by your side
And be the guardians who will help you chase your dreams
Through the dark clouds, pouring rain, and the sunshine
We’re proud to be your fans

Repeat Chorus

Together, know that we can face anything
We will stand up strong and fight alongside
We believe there’s absolutely nothing beyond your reach
Whoa whoa…  Whoa whoa…

Repeat Chorus minus last line

We won’t let you go…  Oh no…
Oh yeah…

You are the only ones in our lives

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