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– Posted today’s Evening Groove with Brian! ^^V Unfortunately, this is his last broadcast for the time being. *pouts* In any case, definitely had some wonderful times with Brian, laughing together with him & DJ D! Keke~ XD


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– Posted today’s Evening Groove with Brian! 😀 Hilarious as usual! Keke~ And Dorothy read my message!! =P *happy* The event I organized is actually of a virtual nature… *LOL* Brian’s reaction made me laugh so hard. I do hope to organize a meet-up sometime though if there’s interest ^^

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– I was immediately drawn to Hwanhee’s poignant ballad, which is from the drama OST of “Road Number One”; hence, I decided to pen an English version ^^
– Added the song to Media Player =)

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– Posted an alternate English version to Brian’s Bullet, which was truly unexpected… XD I got this request for help from a dongsaeng and decided to give it a try. I’m supposed to write a chemistry song using any tune that I like. So, I picked Bullet. =P I could’ve just done a chorus, but I rarely write just part of a song. Decided to try my best to complete it. I found it pretty amusing myself… 😛 Keke~
– Added the Korean and English versions of the song to Media Player =D

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– Posted a couple more English versions of songs off Gummy’s EP… Keke~ That’s all I will be doing. And because Brian is special, I reserved my 100th song lyrics based on pop songs for him. Ended up doing a Chinese and English version for his song Rest, so the 99th spot also belongs to him. Heehee~ 😛
– Added the songs to Media Player ^^

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– Posted today’s broadcast of Brian’s radio segment! ^^V He’s hilarious as always!! 😛

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– Posted English version of Gummy’s Let’s Break Up & What Do I Do… I really love this EP right now!! So, I might do a couple more… XD I won’t do the whole EP since I upload the songs to streaming. Keke~
– Added the songs to Media Player ^^

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