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Hey everyone! I’m helping to spread the word about this project. All you gotta do is make a quick white “mask” with the words RESPECT LEADJA in pink plus a small sign of where you’re from (i.e., City, Country). They’re aiming for 1000 photos in total. ^^

I heard the deadline is Feb. 8th. Not sure if they’re extending it. I just did mine last night. ^0^

Here’s mine… XD I tried to be a bit different with the bunny and carrot… *lol*

Click for more details:



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Additional Post-it Messages for Jay (2PM)

After the initial post-it message, I have come up with 222 more over the past few months as the project is ongoing. ^^ I decided to compile the list to send with Jay’s booklet as part of the 2PM map project. =D

~222 Ways To Tell You I Love You~

Click on thumbnails for full size:  (4 pages in total)


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Post-it Message for Jay (2PM)

Another event to show support for Jay! As some of you know, the Infinity Challenge crew is travelling to New York City to film a special with the Wonder Girls. Hence, NYC HOTTESTS as well as Moms for Jay and other HOTTESTS around the world would like to take this time to make their presence known and voices heard. For those who can attend the event in person, that’d be awesome! =D For those who can’t (like me), you can submit a message, which someone will write on a post-it on your behalf.

Check out the details on this Facebook Event page! Or simply email your message to Geena ( ^^

This is my message. I tried to write a 7-line poem with an additional message within it. =P I just made a graphic for the text to pretty it up. That’s not how it really looks. Heehee~ XD Geena or someone will write this message on an actual post-it for me. They’ve also got some other ideas for what they’ll be doing at the NYC JYPE and in K-town. So, be sure to drop by their Facebook Event page for the lowdown!

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Drawing for Jay (2PM)

We’re supposed to create a message and snap a picture of it for the project in addition to writing letters to Jay and JYP. I decided to do a drawing and scanned it for my submission. =P (I decided not to post the letters since they’re personal. XD)

Click on thumbnail for full size:

For the Jay Facebook Support Group, click here. Deadline for submitting letters is Sept. 16th 12:00am EST; they moved it up one day. You still have a few hours to go if you’d like to participate.

EDIT: 2009-09-17

Another support group is doing stickies (post-it notes) plus a slide show of our pics. So, you can leave a short 15-20 word message for them to write a sticky on your behalf and take a pic of yourself supporting Jay. =D

Sticky submission:
Night and day, spirits unswayed
Pouring out our hearts for our beloved Jay
We’ll always be here come what may
♥ Wacky Cashew / Toronto, Canada

For more details on this “stickies” group and both projects, click here. Deadline is Sept. 18th.

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