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Kim Hyun Joong Birthday Project (2009)

This project was sent on 2009-05-22 and arrived safely on 2009-05-27. It cost me an arm and a leg though. >.< I didn’t realize shipping can be so expensive to Korea; it cost more than twice as much as the gifts. =0 Anyway, hope Hyunnie will like it. ^^V I spent a lot of time to prepare it. So, for those who may have wondered why I was writing so many English versions of SS501 or Hyun Joong songs recently, it was because of this. XD I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off and that’s why the project wasn’t a go until I was able to complete the lyrics for the songs that I wanted to do. Heehee~ I was glad that everything worked out ok with four songs each for the Kim Hyun Joong and Yoon Ji Hoo sections of the booklet. =D I had to collect a bunch of pics and took a gazillion caps from BOF and some shows to do the title pages and lyrics sheets. =o) I chose the book “I Love You Through and Through”, a children’s book, cuz I really like this book. (I think there may be a Korean version since I vaguely recall Alex reading it to Shinae on “We Got Married” when they were having a picnic. =P) I just added notes to the pages to make it personalized for Hyunnie, which I hope will make it a more meaningful read. *lol* As for the T-shirt, I tried to pick something Canadian. It’s really hard to find things that are “MADE IN CANADA”, believe it or not. T__T Due to lack of selection, I settled on the green tee since green is the SS501 colour. Keke~ I don’t usually do projects like this just for any artist. For those who follow my blog, I was in Korea during February and managed to deliver projects to artists that I like either personally or through a contact. But that was mostly because I was actually in Korea. However, I decided to do this project not only because of the fact that I like HJ, but also because of the timing of BOF having just been broadcasted and it being Hyunnie’s birthday. ^0^ It’s not like I can delay it for a year when it doesn’t have the same sentiments anymore. Bwehehe~ I think I’m done with personal projects for a while. ๐Ÿ˜€


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